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School of Fish

GET INVOLVED Three simple ways to make an impact

Inspired by what you see? Take the plunge and turn your passion into research impact.
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Make a Donation

Small drops make a mighty ocean. Your contribution helps us to grow.

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Partner with us

Partner with us so we can grow better together.

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Join the Community

Show your support by joining the Oceans Institute community.


Where your contribution goes

Your donation funds ocean research, ground-breaking technology to protect marine life and generation-changing environmental programs. You’re doing a whole lot of good to help us keep a thriving, sustainable blue planet – thank you.

Plastic in our ocean

Clean Waters

Support our technological research to find an effective way to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans.

Deep Sea Coral

Explore the Deep

Help us take the plunge and support our next expedition to uncover the mysteries hidden in deep sea canyons.

Track Wild Things

Support our research into the movement of whale sharks, sharks and other marine megafauna, and how they respond to a changing climate.

Fish in Seagrass

Resilient Habitats

Support research into the effect of ocean warming on seagrass meadows, home for some of our most iconic species.

WA Coral Reef

Thriving Coral Reefs

Keep reefs colourful by supporting our research into artificial coral reefs.

WA coastline

Future Coasts

Help us address the challenges of sea level rise and extreme marine events in the coastal zone

Donate in a way that suits you

Your contribution today will make a difference to our oceans tomorrow. You can donate as an individual or a business.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] 

The power of partnerships

We are always looking to share strengths and work together on the oceans’ biggest challenges. We work with government agencies, leading NGOs, as well as companies from a range of ocean industries.

WA School of Fish
WA School of Fish
Be part of something big

Partnering with the Oceans Institute means joining a community of renowned experts and access to UWA’s world-class facilities.


Join the Oceans Community

Stay connect and up to date with the latest ocean research by joining the Oceans community. 

Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre
Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre
Learn with us

Seeking deeper understanding? Learn from UWA’s leading experts in ocean sciences with courses delivered at every level, from undergraduate to PhD. This can include short courses designed with flexibility in mind, so you can pursue your passion at your own pace.

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