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Ocean-based Decarbonisation

Ocean-based Decarbonisation

Ocean-based Decarbonisation


The potential for electricity generated from ocean energy, using tidal, wave, ocean thermal, offshore wind and other conversion technologies, is estimated at more than 18 times the global electricity demand. Tapping into these resources sustainably and economically, within the accelerated timeframe dictated by the current trajectory of temperature increase, stands as a significant challenge for our generation. 


What is 'Ocean-based Decarbonisation'? 

Ocean-based Decarbonisation


Aggressive action is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit temperature increases. With a demonstrated track record of world leading research in energy, the OI is at the forefront of research and knowledge to underpin the rapid development of ocean energy in Australia and worldwide.

Our oceans are critical to carbon sequestration, currently holding about 50 times as much inorganic carbon as the pre-industrial atmosphere. Enhancing the ocean's natural carbon storage capacity through conservation of intact blue carbon ecosystems and restoring natural carbon storage pathways using seaweeds, mangroves, and kelp forests is a key priority.

The OI will support the development of ocean energy technologies and accelerate their commercialisation through resource assessment and modelling, validation of devices in the lab and in real sea conditions, data collection and analysis and development of modelling tools, and integration into energy systems. 

The OI has the research expertise to support the rapid development of ocean energy in Australia and worldwide. We are committed to exploring options that mitigate climate change and reduce emissions, including engineering and ecosystem-based solutions.

Hugh Wolgamot 

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