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Nature Positive aims to ensure that a world in 2050 has more functional and resilient natural ecosystems than it did in 2020. This will require rapid mobilisation of green finance, strong governance of accredited nature markets, and energised and inclusive research leadership.


What is 'Nature Positive'? 

About Nature Positive

To achieve commitments made by Australia and globally to be on a Nature Positive trajectory by 2030, the OI will focus on removing the causes of ongoing degradation. We are also actively exploring opportunities where ocean-based activities and developments can enhance natural capital.

Drawing upon our collective expertise in monitoring coastal, benthic, pelagic and deep-sea ecosystems, we will work to provide valuable insights into tracking biodiversity and ecosystem functionality over time. This information will be crucial for implementing effective nature-based and carbon-based accounting practices.

This fundamental knowledge will also contribute strongly to planning and managing marine parks that not only showcase our biodiversity but also offer resilience in the face of climate change.

With interdisciplinary expertise across advanced technologies, social, ecological and physical drivers and environmental economics, the OI is uniquely positioned to identify nature-positive solutions and strategies. 

A global commitment to ‘Nature Positive’ has been made to turn the tide of ongoing loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. This will require scaling up restoration via new financial markets, and accurately capturing how natural capital is changing.

Nicki Mitchell

Nature Positive
Nature Positive
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