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The Challenge

How do you fight an enemy you cannot see?

How do you win a war that you didn’t even know was on?


The Young Lives Matter Foundation, through a world first Dynamic Developmental Vulnerability Index (DDVI), is creating a safety net for those at risk of suicide. For those we can see and even for those we can’t.


For generations people have been grappling with the mystery and grief that suicide inflicts on individuals and their loved ones. On a society and national level, countless resources are directed to fight the crisis which is now at unprecedented levels in Australia and worldwide.

The challenge for those in front line treatment of individuals is being able to identify a clear early intervention and treatment path to deliver optimal prospects of diverting suicide and building hope for the future.


We are on the brink of unlocking this challenge.

At YLM our research is revealing those pathways to create hope and a future for those at risk. Through access to individual stories and the application of ground-breaking data and intelligence methodologies, we are uncovering how to save lives and build resilience through early intervention.


Early results are promising, but this critical work requires ongoing donations to fuel the continuation of our research and propel us into a future unmarked by a suicide epidemic.


We invite you to explore our story, to see how individuals have built steps from risk to resilience, and to see what drives our researchers to unlock modern society’s most pervasive and haunting challenge. 

What we do

At the YLM Foundation we believe a collection of diverse brains unlock better solutions. We’re a collective of bright, diverse minds. We collide mathematicians with clinicians, statisticians with psychologists, bringing a breadth of intelligence to one of the toughest problems in the research world: predicting the unpredictability of suicide.

We partner with care workers and clinicians to build a tool they can trust, a world first dynamic index of suicide vulnerability. This will transform level of accuracy and personalisation of care plans and delivery of services, so support can reach the right individual, at the right time.

At the YLM Foundation, the creation of this tool means we are wholeheartedly focused on an early intervention strategy which will alleviate the current critical levels of prevention services required.

Through our research we will build a model of early intervention with the master vision of extrapolating this across multiple risk profiles.

This unwavering focus on early intervention means we can divert those at risk more efficiently, more effectively and build resilience and hope for the future.

Dr John Harriott, inaugural donor

Dr John Harriott

I am pleased to support such a skilled and well led group of researchers, and I look forward to continuing my support for this necessary and practical research program.


Being able to enjoy living my life alongside persons who have been suicidal but who have survived, is a gift and one of my greatest joys Professor Andrew Page
Associate Dean (Research), School of Psychological Sciences, Faculty of Science, UWA

Our impact

To understand a topic as complex as suicide risk, access to data and cross-disciplinary- and world-leading research skills is everything.

Here at UWA, we have curated both of these through the creation of the YLM Foundation, which breaks the mould through an unprecedented convergent approach to suicide risk across multiple research disciplines.

Our conviction that diverse minds will revolutionise current understanding of suicide risk and early intervention has been confirmed, with promising early results, vastly improving on the current standard of suicide prediction.

Leading the world

Our stable population base here in WA assists us in securing reliable results and insights, unable to be accessed in the rest of Australia or internationally. Leveraging internationally recognised longitudinal studies such as the Raine and Busselton Health studies, the reliability of the approach we are creating is on track to be world leading

Resource dedication to suicide intervention and post-vention strategies has been increasing significantly, but it is only through unlocking this predictive model that we can transform our ability to save lives and curb the suicide epidemic.

Your donation will help us reveal
a life-saving pattern

Current efforts to create accurate predictions of suicidal behaviour have made very little progress and, devastatingly, every 40 seconds a life continues to be lost globally.

Before we can predict and prevent someone from experiencing suicidal distress, we need data. And great minds to interpret it. Your donation directly helps our team continue the life-saving research required to bring this world-first tool into fruition.

The more funds the project receives, the more effectively we can work to unlock its true potential by attracting the contribution of world-leading researchers who offer critical insight to the challenge we face.

Please join with us by donating to support the ongoing funding of this world-leading and potentially life-saving initiative.

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