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Digitisation studio

About us

The Digitisation Centre of Western Australia was set up with the goal of digitising collections of national and international significance around the state. Since its beginnings in 2021, the Centre continues to grow in exciting directions.


Jan ’20 – April ‘22

Phase 1

LIEF grant was successful, with $1,100,00 provided to establish the centre. Contributions were also made by five Western Australian Universities, the State Library of Western Australia and the Western Australian Museum. This marked the start of phase 1 of the Centre. Thanks to this extraordinary support from all those involved, the Digitisation Centre was able to purchase a comprehensive range of world-class archival standard digitisation equipment and install these in custom-designed archival digitisation facilities. The University of Western Australia donated a large laboratory room and paid for the custom refurbishment of this room to accommodate the bulk of the equipment of the Centre. The Digitisation Centre has also come into an agreement with the State Library of Western Australia for a shared access to the audio studio facilities in the Library. DCWA team began digitising priority projects from partner collections and worked toward becoming a fully operational centre.

May ’22 – present

Phase 2

The Centre expanded into a fee-based digitisation service and began expanding its team and services.

team picture

Meet the team

The Digitisation Centre is broken into three key sections: DCWA Governance Board, DCWA Steering Committee and the digitisation team.

  • DCWA Governance Board

    The DCWA Governance Board is responsible for the strategic management and utilisation of the DCWA.

  • DCWA Steering Committee

    The Steering Committee comprises of members from all project partner organisations. The Committee is responsible for overseeing the infrastructure and operations of DCWA. The DCWA coordinator meets with the committee regularly to discuss priorities, key changes and goals for the coming projects.

    Current membership:

    Chair, University of Western Australia  Professor Benjamin Smith
     Curtin University Professor Lucy Montgomery
     Edith Cowan University  Professor Paul Arthur
     Murdoch University  Dean Aszkielowicz
     WA Museum  Mr Evan Rogers
     State Library of WA  Ms Sophie Farrar
     Curtin University Library  Ms Kate Conway
     ECU Library  Ms Constance Wiebrands
     Murdoch Library  Ms Claire Fletcher
     Notre Dame Library  Mr Stephen McVey
     UWA Library  Mr Scott Nicholls
     Co-opted Member  Assoc Professor Andrew Woods
     Respresentative of the Linkage Grant project  Professor Helena Grehan
     DCWA Coordinator  Ms Janet Luk
     Executive Officer (UWA)  Ms Debra Paisley
  • DCWA Digitisation Team

    The digitisation team are the staff behind the daily operations of the Digitisation Centre. Each member brings distinctive skills that allow DCWA to run efficiently, maintain international standards in digitisation, and build relationships with collection custodians.

    Coordinator: Janet Luk

    Digitisation Officer: Ben Heath

    Digitisation Officer: Jameson Feakes

    Digitisation Officer: Maureen Blackford

    Digitisation Officer: Emma Stokes

DCWA Partners

This Centre emerges from an innovative collaboration between the Western Australian universities, the State Library of Western Australia and the Western Australian Museum.


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   Coat of Arms (Western Australia) and State Library of Western Australia logo after 2023 rebrandingWestern Australian Museum Logo (no crest, monotone colour)

The Digitisation Centre of Western Australia is an Australian Research Council funded project: LE200100123  



DCWA Annual Report

2022 - 2023

Get in touch

Our details

Phone: +61 8 6488 7064

Email: [email protected]

Hours:  Mon-Fri from 9am - 5pm


Main digitisation laboratory
Level 2, Barry J Marshall Library (Room 2.14, Building 446),
University of Western Australia
Crawley campus.

Dispatch room
Ground level Barry J Marshall Library for receiving and storing collections.

DCWA sound studio
Level 2 of the State Library of Western Australia in the Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge


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