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When you enrol a candidate for examination, you will be asked to sign a declaration. The enroller needs to ensure that they understand both federal and state policies relating to the conduct of examinations, especially cancellations, withdrawals and transfers.
  • Transfers, cancellations and late fees
    After an exam has been scheduled, transfers incur a fee and are subject to availability. Please see the Transfer Policy [PDF, 575KB] for more details
  • Special needs

    The AMEB aims to provide optimal conditions for all candidates presenting for examination. For candidates with special needs, WA has established practices.

    When a teacher enrols a candidate who requires special consideration in the examination room for whatever reason, we request that the teacher or parent submit to the WA office a detailed letter including any documentation outlining the specific need or disability of the candidate and how best the AMEB can accommodate the candidate in the examination.

    Submitting a letter at the time of enrolment allows the office to have further discussion with the teacher/parent/candidate and then the examiner regarding providing those optimal conditions. It also means that the office has time to allocate extra time for the examination or provide any specifically tailored tests.

    Please do not have parents or candidates hand a letter to the supervisor or examiner on the day of the examination.

  • Issues or concerns
    AMEB WA has established procedures for addressing issues or concerns raised by teachers, parents and candidates. If you have an issue or concern, please email us at [email protected]
  • Tuning of instruments

    This policy will apply in instrumental exams where the syllabus allows for examiner assistance with the tuning of instruments.

    This is normally up to Grade 4 only, where it is anticipated that initial tuning will be done prior to the candidate entering the examination room.

    In general, examiners are to spend no more than one minute tuning an instrument during the scheduled exam time, and that being only fine-tuning as necessary. Some latitude may be taken in exceptional circumstances.

    It is anticipated that candidates will tune their instrument before entering the exam room. This is not the responsibility of the examiner.

    Please note that in extreme cases where candidates have become distressed or are unable to rectify a tuning situation themselves, the examiner may take the initiative and offer assistance.

  • Nondisclosure of personal information
    Personal details supplied by teachers, candidates, examiners or other employees are not provided to individuals or organisations outside the AMEB without the express permission of those concerned.
  • Social media policy
    Please visit to see The University of Western Australia’s social media policy.

Get in touch

The WA State Office is located on the Claremont campus of The University of Western Australia, on the corner of Princess and Goldsworthy Roads in Claremont. The office is at the eastern end of the stone heritage-listed building. Visitors are asked to park in Car Park 2 (paid parking) accessible from Goldsworthy Road and to please observe and comply with all signage.


Email queries to 

[email protected]


Contact us during office hours on 

+61 8 6488 3059

Office location

UWA Claremont Campus

Cnr Princess and Goldsworthy Roads, Claremont WA 6010

Open Monday to Friday


Mailing address


The University of Western Australia 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley WA 6009

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