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WA Award Program

The WA AMEB Award is an exciting nationally recognised program that recognises the commitment that individuals of all ages make to the performing arts.

This prestigious award acknowledges an individual's contribution both on stage and behind the scenes, cultivating sought-after skills in leadership, communication, collaboration and creativity.

By undertaking three key Award requirements: performances; skill development; and broadening activities, participants expand their creative horizons and develop core performance skills. Participants in years 10-12 of their education can also gain points towards their high school WACE graduation!

Those completing the award gain official recognition for their achievement in the form of an AMEB Award Certificate and Award Pin.

The Award is recognised by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority of Western Australia (SCASA), where it is an Endorsed Program for secondary school WACE graduation*; by leading arts organisations; and by Universities, including UWA’s Experienced-based entry pathway!

*Two unit equivalents are allocated for a Bronze Award, three for a Silver Award and four for a Gold Award.

The WA AMEB AWARD is perfect for those interested in developing skills whilst participating in their collaborative activity of choice. For schools and community groups the Award Program a great way to foster community, elevate ensemble performance and nurture new skills and talents.

Award Structure

Bronze, Silver and Gold awards recognise skills developed and the level of participation in performances, broadening activities, and examined skill development.

Engagement in the Performing Arts - Build confidence and artistry through performance.

Participating individuals record their engagement in various activities in the AMEB Award Diary. Upon completion, diaries are submitted to the AMEB (WA).

An appropriate performing arts director or facilitator (e.g. a school’s Head of Arts, an Ensemble Director, Community Arts Group President, or Artistic Director) verifies activities recorded by a participant, and signs off on the activities.

School and/or Community Public Performances and/or other Broadening activities are completed within the year of enrolment. Diaries are distributed after registration.

  • Engagement in the Performing Arts

    Bronze and Silver Awards: THREE school and/or community public performances.

    Gold Award: FOUR school and/or community public performances.


    • These performances must be completed within a year, and this must be the same year in which ALL the requirements of all sections are completed.
    • Participants may not use these performances for any other section of this program or any other WA AMEB Award (e.g. in another year).
    • The following minimum hours are required for the combined set of performance requirements (including attendance at the concert/performance):
      Bronze: 3 hours
      Silver: 5 hours
      Gold: 5 hours

    A public performance may include such things as: 

    • Cast of a school/class/year group drama production
    • Cast of a drama group production – external (e.g., community drama group)
    • Public speaking events and opportunities
    • Mock trials/debating
    • Music and/or Speech and Drama Eisteddfod or Festival
    • Choir performances – either large choir or chamber choir
    • Solo performance opportunities
    • Class performance opportunities
    • Band performances
    • Orchestra performances
    • Chamber ensemble performances

    Any other relevant activities

    • Details to be provided on additional pages with endorsement by an appropriate person/organisation.

    Local Community Performance Opportunities:

    • Performances in the local community are also recognized in this category.
    • The director or president (or similar role) of the organising committee is able to verify the entries.

Broadening Activities - Demonstrate commitment and support for the arts, beyond performing.

The WA AMEB Award recognises and builds active participation in the running of ensembles and other arts-based activities.

This could be as easy as consistently helping with the set-up of a group, participating in workshops or meetings, assisting with marketing and community minded activity.

  • Broadening Activities

    Broadening activities may include:

    • Consistently setting up and clearing away after a music or drama rehearsal. This activity could include regular setting up/clearing away of music stands, percussion instruments, and setting up/clearing away costumes/props etc.
    • Organizing, or assisting in the organization of, a concert/play or series of concerts/plays.
    • Assisting in the marketing or promotion of a concert/play or series of concerts/plays.
    • Assisting with the ticket sales for a school event.
    • Being a member of the stage or production crew for a production (including make-up, lighting, property crew, costume assistance, selling and distributing programs etc.).
    • Reading or narrating at a school assembly or appropriate religious service (several readings would be required here, or alternatively, a single reading could be combined with other activities to reach the minimum number of hours).
    • Acting regularly as an accompanist or playing the piano/or other instrument for a school assembly or religious service.
    • Performing as a soloist in music or drama activities (in a different event/capacity than is listed in Section 1).
    • Performing in a Music group performance (in a different event/capacity than is listed in Section 1).
    • Assisting as an usher or in the canteen for a school arts-related event.
    • Participating in debating, mock trials (in a different event/capacity than is listed in Section 1).
    • Organizing online concerts, or assisting in editing or producing videos of arts-related activities/events.
    • Regularly assisting to organize music scores or library content for Music or Drama Department (over several weeks).
    • Assisting teachers in organizing documents etc. for performances.
    • Designing posters/advertisements and distributing these for performances
    • Any other regular contributory activity deemed by the school to be of value in the Arts subject area (please provide details).

    FOR THE GOLD AWARD: Leadership activities may include:

    • Being a section leader in a large of small music ensemble (band, orchestra, chorale, music camp or any other ensemble).
    • Assisting younger/less experienced musicians with their music parts/bowing/phrasing.
    • Assisting younger/less experienced drama students with their roles.
    • Forming and regularly rehearsing with a music or drama group.
    • Holding a significant office in the school environment (e.g. music/drama captain or vice-captain).
    • Being a committee member for a school arts group/committee.
    • Significant mentoring of younger students in arts-related activities.
    • Showing initiative regularly in the arts environment at school.
    • Any other regular leadership activity deemed by the school to be of significance (please provide details).

    There are minimum hours for the Broadening activities. The hours set for these activities may be completed within less that the suggested period of three school terms.

    Bronze Award: Two Broadening Activities. Please note that the combined number of hours for the TWO activities should be at least 6 hours over the period of THREE school terms or equivalent period (approx. 2 hours per term).

    Silver Award: Five Broadening Activities. Please note that the combined number of hours for the FIVE activities should be at least 10 hours over the period of THREE school terms or equivalent period (approx. 3.3 hours per term).

    Gold Award: Four Broadening Activities. Please note that the combined number of hours for the FOUR activities should be at least 8 hours over the period of THREE school terms or equivalent (approx. 2.6 hours per term).


    Gold Award Only: Three Leadership Activities – within the school and/or community context. *Please note that the combined number of hours for the Leadership activities should be at least 9 hours of leadership/mentoring over the period of THREE school terms or equivalent (approx. 3 hours per term).

    Please note:

    1. The combined minimum number of hours for the Gold Award = 17 hours. 
    2. These activities must be completed within 12-months from registration.

Up-Skilling – Develop skills through AMEB exams.

Whilst participating in a collaborative activity of choice, participants develop their skills through the vehicle of AMEB exams.

The AMEB is Australia’s leading music and speech and drama assessment service offering internationally recognised qualifications, syllabuses, supporting publications and graded examinations from preliminary through to diploma levels. Catering for diverse creative preferences, AMEB inspires learning and supports achievement across a broad range of musical instruments, singing, speech and drama and theory; and provides specialist teaching qualifications.

Depending on the level of award selected, the participant undertakes examinations that recognise an important skill development.

  • Successful completion of AMEB Examination

    Bronze Award: One AMEB practical examination in Music, or Speech and Drama at Grades 3 or 4.

    Silver Award: One AMEB practical examination in Music, or Speech and Drama at Grades 5 or 6.

    Gold Award: One AMEB practical examination in Music, or Speech and Drama at Grades 7 or higher.

    All examinations must be passed during the 12-month registration period. All award requirements must be completed within 12 months from the Award Program enrolment date.

    When your diary has been verified and completed:

    Awardees will be presented with a certificate and pin to be awarded at their School or Community Group.

Award Categories and Criteria

WA AMEB Award AMEB Practical Music of Speech Examinations School/ Community Public Performances Broadening Activities
BRONZE Grades 3 or 4 3 Contribution and Service
2 suitable activities required
SILVER Grades 5 or 6 3 Contribution and Service
5 suitable activities required
GOLD Grades 7 or above 4 Contribution and Service
4 suitable activities required

Please note that there are minimum hours required for the Broadening Activities.

For WACE points, all requirements must be completed in the academic years 10, 11 or 12.

Signing Off | What Is Required from a Performing Arts Facilitator?

This is a very simple task: An Arts Facilitator verifies activities a participant has listed and confirms all of the requirements of the award are completed.

If any clarification is required, support is available on our website.


Further information may be obtained from the School Curriculum and Standards Authority website,

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