Biomedical Sciences E-Learning Suites

State-of-the-art interactive training environment

The Biomedical Sciences E-Learning Suites are integral to coursework degrees within the discipline, allowing students to interrogate how genes, cells, organs and systems function relevant to the understanding and treatment of human diseases.

The unique suites are designed with an emphasis on interaction and flexible learning, and accommodate a number of teaching methods. Located at the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre, the multimillion-dollar e-suites replace traditional show-and-tell teaching methods once used to explain to students how to analyse cells.

The e-suites feature cutting-edge audio-visual infrastructure, including the capacity to broadcast from individual student workstations onto wall-mounted screens, and project an individual student’s work to the whole room. Digital microscopy facilities allow teachers and students to view and broadcast live images of slide preparations, enhancing the dynamic group based learning experience.

Small groups of students work together using digital resources and collaborative desks and aids to see first-hand how their decisions could influence the outcome for patients.

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Capacity ranges from 42 to 174 people

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Opened in 2013

4000 students per year across all levels

E-Learning Suites

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