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5 tips for choosing a major at UWA

05/03/2021 |

Chelsea FrancisChoosing a major can be a bit confusing. There are over 100 different majors on offer across a range of bachelor’s degrees! Here are a few tips to help make choosing a major a bit easier from current student and Unibuddy, Chelsea.

1. Talk to current students

Talk to students who are currently studying the major you’re interested in and ask them how the course is run. Current students are a great source of information and are always willing to help out. You can get in contact with current students on our Unibuddy platform or through your UniMentor, who you’ll meet during Orientation week.

2. Try some units

At UWA you are really lucky in that you aren’t locked in to the majors you choose straight away. Your Student Advising Office can help you develop a study plan that allows you to try units from a number of majors, before choosing what major/s you want to study.

3. Do your research

Because there are so many majors, there may be some that could be really interesting to you but you just haven’t heard of them yet. This was definitely the case for me! Before looking at the majors on offer at UWA, I had never heard of population health, but after doing some more research, I discovered it was the perfect major for me and it is currently one of the two majors I am studying at UWA. Looking at the majors online and talking to lecturers and major coordinators can really help you get a better understanding of what you could learn in your chosen major/s.

4. Don’t forget you can study two majors

If you can’t choose between two majors, why not do both? You can study two majors from the same area or completely different areas. Whether it is Accounting and Genetics, or Linguistics and Music, you can pursue both your interests simultaneously.

5. Don’t be afraid to change your mind

If you’re not enjoying the majors you chose, that’s ok – you have the opportunity to change and try something else. The units you’ve already studied will not be wasted and can instead become electives and broadening units in your degree.

While choosing a major can feel quite daunting, there are many people available to help, from current students, to your Student Advising Office, and lecturers to course coordinators. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and discover what it is you are passionate about. Your major allows you to meet a cohort of students with similar interests and gain skills to help you succeed in your chosen field. Studying a major that excites you is hugely rewarding and sets you up for success in the future.


Chelsea is studying a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) majoring in Medical Sciences and Population Health.

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