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5 courses to help you change the world for the better

20/10/2020 |

If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us, it’s that the world has a lot of room for improvement. But all those problems and challenges we’ve faced – and will continue to face into the future – aren’t going to fix themselves. What they need is new talent, new perspectives and new drive. What they need is you. Here are five courses you can take at UWA that will give you the tools and experience you need to get out there and make a difference. 

1. Bachelor of Environmental Design

Climate change, habitat destruction and other forms of environmental decline are clear concerns for future generations, and can be tackled in any number of scientific ways. But did you know design talent can also play a big part in turning things around? UWA’s Bachelor of Environmental Design offers three majors with a focus on positive environmental change:

  • Architecture: From passive temperature control that minimises emissions to biophilic design that increases the connection between a building’s users and nature, architecture can have a beneficial impact on everything from the greater environment to disability and individual mental health. This extended major will get you started on the path to a Master of Architecture and a career as an architect
  • Environmental Geography and Planning: Expanding design into the wider world, this major looks at the way we inhabit and interact with our environment – the effects we have and the best ways to make sure those effects don’t harm the world around us.
  • Landscape Architecture: Designing with nature in mind will play a key part in reversing climate change. Learn to create landscapes and communities that respond to long-term problems with the environment, and set yourself on the way to a Master of Landscape Architecture.

2. Marine Science

More than 80 per cent of the world’s oceans are unexplored, with vast amounts of it unprotected. Studying Marine Science not only gives insights into reversing problems like climate change, pollution, acidification, and extreme weather, it can also open up avenues into other long-term benefits such as providing new and sustainable sources of food for the world’s fast-growing population, and better prediction of tragedies like earthquakes and tsunamis.

The Master of Ocean Leadership combines science, engineering, law and environmental management to create a thorough course tackling the challenges our oceans face and finding ways to improve the future of our seas.

3. Microbiology and Immunology

The dangers of climate change aren’t just limited to rising temperatures and pollution – there will be greater numbers of heatwaves, flooding events and habitat destructions that will contribute to an increased risk of pandemics worldwide. A major in Microbiology and Immunology could put you in a position to make a vital difference in protecting the world from future global outbreaks. Studying virology, bacteriology and immunology, you’ll discover how our bodies protect themselves from infectious disease. And microbiology covers a whole range of other ways in which you can benefit humanity too, from understanding medicine and preventing food spoilage, to controlling environmental pollution and assisting in space exploration.

4. Criminology

Why do people commit crimes? What factors affect the decisions they make to break the law? Knowing the answers goes a long way towards being able to reduce or prevent criminal acts, making society a safer place for everyone. Criminology combines studies of everything from law and psychology to forensic science and geography in an effort to better understand the criminal mind. Whichever role you then go on to in the criminal justice system, this major will ensure you have a positive impact.  

5. Master of Teaching

Perhaps the best way to change the world is to start at the beginning. How we prepare the minds of our children in schools directly influences the adults they grow up to be – and with anti-intellectualism growing in countries like the US, instilling future generations with a love of learning and a desire to seek wisdom could be the greatest way of all to make a difference to our world. Taking a Master of Teaching (Primary) or Master of Teaching (Secondary) will give you the skills to pass on your own enthusiasm and excitement to learn – and to make education more accessible and appealing to all. How better to use your knowledge and skills?

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