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Will I fit in and make friends at UWA?

18/05/2023 |

There are a lot of factors involved when choosing a university – career opportunities, course content, rankings, and reputation. But let’s be honest, we’re not just thinking about the assignments, good grades, and a job at the end. Your time at university will be some of the best years of your life and you’ll make friends that will last a lifetime.

If you’re feeling nervous about coming to campus and feeling like you don’t fit in – we’re here to tell you there’s nothing to worry about. But don’t take our word for it! Hear from our students about how they felt welcomed into one of the best campus communities around and what they did to make their uni experience one of a kind.

Get involved on campus

Geemal was nervous to run for Guild President but now he’s bursting to get others involved in all that UWA has to offer:

"It's the people you surround yourself with that gives you a sense of purpose when you’re at uni, and that’s what makes you do the impossible."

Get involved as much as you can. If the main reason you’re turning something down is because you are afraid, then that’s when you know just DO it. You just never know where it’ll take you.


Find your passion by joining a club or society

Jess joined the UWA Motorsports team, and it changed her university experience:

Motorsport has been hands-down the best thing I've done during my degree, and it's helped me in so many more ways than I could have imagined.


"Even in terms of my coursework - since I joined the team, my learning abilities and information processing have grown exponentially. And I've met some of my closest friends. I've found out that I have a real love for design and being part of the team has made me realise what I'm capable of."

With over 160+ clubs and societies, you’ll be sure to find your community just like Geemal and Jess did. Getting involved is the best way to meet other like-minded people with similar interests to you. There's a club for everybody, ranging from anime to zoology - you'll find one that fits you.


Chandini moved from India to study at UWA and enhanced her uni experience through volunteering:

"I'm involved in various extra-curricular activities including as a Coordinator for a volunteering program called Micro-Volunteering. My team and I run short volunteering sessions in collaboration with not-for-profit organisations and social impact clubs."

"The collaboration between the teachers and undergraduate students and the sense of community were instrumental factors for choosing to study at UWA."

At UWA, you get more than just a degree. I strongly believe there’s something for everybody here.


"UWA has an incredibly supportive student community that I’m proud to be a part of. Education is what you make of it and only half the race."

Student Volunteers at UWA Open Day posing for a selfie

Explore other cultures

Ningsih is proud to bring her culture to the community:

"To me belonging means acceptance, respect, and togetherness where everyone can support each other to face life’s ups and downs."

Since I’ve come to UWA, I feel our community helps me to grow and be more open-minded. The key is to get involved in the events, volunteering and taking the time to meet new people outside of your circle.


Join an outreach program

Skye volunteered to help with the School of Indigenous Studies outreach programs and met lots of like-minded people along the way:

Like many other people, I didn’t know a whole lot about university – however, meeting students and graduates from the same and different areas of study gave me more insight, and enhanced my motivation and self-determination to complete my degree, despite the barriers I faced.

"I hope other Indigenous people that are coming through have the same opportunities."

Experience new opportunities

Keith chose to study in Perth because it was only a five-hour flight from Singapore – he didn’t realise UWA would give expose him to so many new opportunities:

Having been a student here for more than three years, I deeply appreciate that UWA does not just provide you with an educational qualification.


"Instead, it offers priceless opportunities to engage and socialise with a diverse global community. If you are considering UWA, my advice is to leverage these opportunities to make friends and connections."

Network with industry

Emma was awarded the Fogarty scholarship and found a network of fellow students and experienced mentors she can learn from:

Meeting the other scholars and hearing their stories really has opened my mind to the multitude of opportunities that are out there for me. Based on my experience, the Fogarty scholars are always willing to have a conversation or answer a question.

Make sure you network and use the opportunities that come your way to meet as many insightful leaders as you can and learn from them.


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