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Students sitting on lawn at UWA

Meet Jess

15/11/2022 |

UWA Student Jess Gugliotta wearing a UWA Motorsports Team shirt

Meet Jess (she/her) - motorsport enthusiast 🏎️ serious over-achiever 🏆 and Bachelor of Science student.

Jess grew up in Perth, surrounded by a big Italian family, and from a young age she was the definitive seeker: always curious and keen to try anything that peaked her interest.

"My love for science started when I was a kid - I've always had this need to understand how things work. But then as I got older, I went through an artsy phase - musical theatre, choir, bands. When it came to choosing what to study at UWA, I was torn between music and STEM, but decided to go with my gut and my love of simple logic and went for STEM."

It turned out to be a great choice. Jess loved the challenges and rewards of her degree program, but it was the UWA Motorsports Team where she truly found her tribe.

Motorsport has been hands-down the best thing I've done during my degree and it's helped me in so many more ways than I could have imagined. Even in terms of my coursework - since I joined the team, my learning abilities and information processing have grown exponentially. And I've met some of my closest friends. I've found out that I have a real love for design being part of the team has made me realise what I'm capable of.

Her teammates agree - Jess has been appointed Project Manager for 2023. When we asked whether she's found her lifelong passion, the 'curious-about-everything kid' inside wasn't about to limit herself.

"After I graduate, I'd love to be able to work in the space industry!"

Space? Um, how does that relate to motorsport, we ask?

"Well it's in the ballpark of design and manufacturing technologies, right? Why limit myself to just our planet? Exploring huge unknowns like the universe and better understanding tiny, sub-atomic puzzles would be an absolute dream. The great thing about science is that the sky isn't even the limit!"

When we comment on how Jess would have to be one of the least predictable people we've ever met, she is quick to clarify.

"Okay, it might seem that way, but I do have some crazy, predictable behaviours. For instance, I've had an addiction to the exact same bubble tea order for about six years now - a large hazelnut milk tea with no sugar and half ice from Chatime."

You can't help but be inspired by Jess's seemingly infallible energy and her commitment to supporting community on campus. When asked about her definition of community and belonging, she told us, "community is a place and people who share your passions and goals and belonging is having those people accept you, all of you, as you are. When communities really work, you have people around you who motivate you to be the best version of yourself - they help you grow and value your skills and contributions."

And what about superpowers? Well, ones we haven't already covered, at least.

You are going to think I am crazy but I have a bit of a magical parking power - I can always get a convenient spot everywhere that I go. Seriously, they just present themselves to me, even when it is really busy!

We believe her.

#HumansofUWA #UWAMotorsport

Want to learn more about UWA Motorsport? Head to their webpage to find out how you can get involved. Make sure you keep up with UWA Students by following our Facebook and Instagram, or if you like your social media with fewer characters and more politics, head to UWA Students on Twitter.

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