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Meet Ningsih

28/03/2023 |

Meet Ningsih (she/her). She’s an international student, in her second year of Master of Strategic Communication and living proof that manifesting dreams works 🤩

Coming from a small island in Indonesia called Ternate, Ningsih always dreamt of studying in a big city where she could inspire real change. She visualised her future, wrote her dreams down in her journal and worked hard. 20 years later, she’s living her dream as she makes her mark on the UWA student community. 

To name a few of her achievements, she’s the recipient of the Australia Awards Scholarship, is a Senior International Student Engagement Ambassador and in her spare time works for the Professional Migrant Women Network. 

Her secret superpower is her ability to motivate with her words. “I believe that everyone should have the ability to speak their ideas with power, ignite passion and inspire action – no matter where they’re from,” she says.

Ningsih is still dreaming big and is now working on one day being the Indonesian Ambassador for Australia.

I want to fight for the interests of the nation and protect the right of Indonesian people overseas. I want do cultural promotion, enhance social and economic collaboration and above all stand for world peace.

This week is Harmony Week, dedicated to celebrating our cultural diversity and a great opportunity to remind ourselves that everyone belongs. 

“This is a time for us to embrace our cultural identity and diversity. We all come from distinct backgrounds, religions and cultures and we should be proud of that and what we can bring to our community as a whole,” says Ningsih. 

To me belonging means acceptance, respect and togetherness were everyone can support each other to face life’s ups and downs. Since I’ve come to UWA, I feel our community helps me to grow and be more open-minded. The key is to get involved in the events, volunteer and take the time to meet new people outside of your circle.

Ningsih wants you to use this week to reflect on how our differences makes us shine. “Have open conversations with your friends about their culture. Educate the people around you and let yourself learn something new in return.”  

Learn more about Harmony Week by visiting You can also visit the International Student Lounge located on the first floor of Shenton House, which is a dedicated space for international students to relax, have fun and support each other. 

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