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7 employability opportunities your child might be missing out on

21/06/2022 |

Getting a job at the end of a degree will likely be your child’s top priority. As a parent or guardian, seeing them get started in a career they’ll love is probably pretty important to you too. Once they land a job in their field straight out of uni it means you can take a deep breath and relax – after all that hard work, now they’re out in the real world!

At UWA, we’ve made employability our top priority too, offering a wide range of degrees and programs to help your child stand out in the job market and increase their job prospects when they graduate. All our degrees include the option to take internships or Work Integrated Learning units, along with mentoring and volunteering opportunities.

So, how do we ensure our students graduate job-ready? Here’s just a few of the ways your child can enhance their standing in their future employers’ eyes (and a few of the things you can gently remind them to get involved with).

1. Do they have a careers and employability plan? 

First things first – having a plan in place to enhance your child’s employability is a great place to start. Our Careers and Employability Award Program will help your child make that plan and put it into action. All current UWA students can sign up at any time during their degree and complete the program at their own pace. The program includes a personalised Career Toolkit, access to career development and practical activities, help with finding extra-curricular and volunteer activities, networking opportunities and more.

2. Do they know about the UWA Innovation Academy in first-year?

One of the most important ways to build employability is to gain some real-world experience. So if your child needs something extra to add to their résumé, give them a friendly reminder to sign up to the UWA Innovation Academy. They’ll work with real companies to tackle the biggest challenges facing business, governments and society today all while networking, gaining critical skills, and earning official recognition (plus a digital badge integrated with their LinkedIn profile!).

3. Has your teen joined any clubs and societies?

We don’t think this one will take much convincing – encourage your child to sign up for one of our 160+ clubs and societies. Meeting new friends, making connections and having a blast while at uni are just the top of list of benefits. As part of clubs and societies, students also attend professional-development and networking events, and take on leadership and management roles to develop their skills. Showing that they are involved in the community is a big tick for employers.

4. Is volunteering on their radar?

Volunteering is a great way for your teen to make an impact and get involved, developing skills and experience that stand out on their résumé and final transcript. There are so many causes they can get involved with at UWA, and it’s a great way for them to meet people who share the same passions or interests.


Interns working with professionals

5. Could your child build a business – in 12 weeks?

Was your child the one setting up a lemonade stand and making more money than the rest? The Bloom WA Launchpad unit (taken in their second year) could transform them into an entrepreneur. This 12 week program is a creative lab to turn a big business or community idea into a start-up, all credited towards your child’s degree.

Students have the opportunity to pitch their business idea to investors and the public at the end of the semester. They’ll be encouraged to continue their start-ups after the unit concludes – will they become the next big CEO?

6. Have they utilised the Careers Centre?

The UWA Careers Centre is a hub for students looking to improve their employability. It’s a great one-stop-shop for your child, especially when they’re heading towards their final year of their degree. The team will provide support by connecting your child with industry, enhancing skills through workshops, linking them to internships and showing them how to nail their résumé and interview.

The Career Mentor Link program is also a great way for your teen to be mentored and to make connections. They’ll be matched with professionals and get insider industry knowledge from people with real career experience.

UWA has been around a long time and with a network of over 135,000 graduates working across the world, our community of graduates and industry partners know they can reach out to us when they need fresh and very capable talent. Our Careers Centre collates these opportunities on a Job Board and students can sign up for job listings and alerts from a wide range of employers for full-time and part-time positions, internships, scholarships, volunteering and more.

7. What about Internships, WIL, practicums and field trips? Résumé gold!

These opportunities for your child will really help to develop their professional profile before graduation. Ever wondered how your child can land their first job when every job ad says they already need experience? This is how! UWA will help your child leave uni with a stack of great credentials.

  • Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and Internships – Taken as a unit within your child’s degree, they can gain industry knowledge, develop career-ready skills, and network with industry professionals through real-world experience. Your child can also join the McCusker Centre for Citizenship, an award-winning internship program with a strong focus on social impact, making a difference in our communities locally, nationally and globally.
  • Practicums and field trips – These are practical units with workplace and fieldwork placements across WA, Australia and even overseas that are a mandatory unit within many of our degrees.
  • Study abroad and exchange – Encouraging your child to study abroad will give them the unique opportunity to travel the world and have unforgettable life experiences. But, it can also set them apart in the workforce as they’ve experienced different cultures, shown independence and have a broader perspective on the world showing maturity.
  • CEEDWA – Taking a CEED project offers a unique opportunity to prepare for a career. CEED projects are developed and sponsored by leading private, public and not-for-profit enterprises – meaning that the project your child works on will address real issues in the client’s operations. Full CEED projects involve spending 8 weeks on site with the host business during the summer break, immersing themselves in the operations and culture of the client while working on their research project.


To find out more about how we can prepare your child for their dream career, from first job to long-term goals, visit the Graduate Career Ready website.

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