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Worried about your teenager’s wellbeing as a student? Here’s what you need to know

25/01/2022 |

Moving from high school to university is a huge transition for teenagers. They’ll be developing their independence and taking on some big responsibilities – getting themselves to class on time, creating their own study schedules and putting themselves out there to meet new people.

As a parent or guardian, it’s natural to be worried about your child’s mental and physical health as a uni student. But, armed with the right info about UWA’s support services for students, you can have peace of mind and guide your child through any challenges. Here’s some you and your child should know about:

Mental health and wellbeing support

More focus than ever is being placed on maintaining mental health, especially in adolescents. UWA offers many ways for students to get the mental health support they need so they can thrive in their studies and have a university experience to remember forever.

The Living Room 

We want to make sure everyone has a safe and comfortable place at UWA to come to if they’re feeling worried, stressed or upset. UWA students can drop in to Shenton House on campus at any time for a chat – no appointments necessary. The Living Room is a great place to unwind and there’s always someone to listen, help and direct students to additional support where necessary.

Plus, they run some great events and activities like Midday Mindfulness, Yoga in the Sunroom and Pause for Paws – because dogs make everyone feel better!


A student and volunteer on campus patting a dog


If a chat at The Living Room isn’t enough to ease concerns, UWA students have access to three free and confidential counselling appointments a year, no GP referral required. Counselling appointments are best for short-term intervention sessions aimed at addressing concerns, issues or everyday events that might be impacting your teenager’s ability to study, work or even socialise.

Counselling appointments can be booked by calling 08 6488 2423 or booking online.

Sessions with a psychologist

Is your child’s study being impacted by their mental health? Individual psychology sessions can look at a range of problems they may be facing such as anxiety or depression, traumatic events, pre-existing mental health concerns or anything else that may be distressing or bothering them.

Psychological services at UWA provide longer-term intervention for more complex mental health support needs. After getting a referral from a GP, students can receive 10 free sessions. 

Finding help outside the University

There are many services in the community that are also useful to teenagers. One of the most appropriate is to access a Mental Health Care Plan through a doctor or you can contact any of these organisations:

Safety and security on campus

Is your child up all night finishing assignments or doing last minute cramming before an exam? Even though Perth is safe city, as a parent you might find yourself worrying about their wellbeing.

We are committed to ensuring all our students can work and study in a safe and inclusive environment – day or night. Our students will spend a lot of time on campus – working hard or socialising with friends, their safety is our top priority.

That’s why we offer a range of security services on campus including:

  • Around-the-clock security patrols
  • Security staff on hand to escort students around campus or back to their car late at night
  • Help point emergency phones
  • 24-hour Security Operations Centre

Getting academic help

We can’t forget the reason our students are here – to succeed academically! Coming from high school, studying at a university can feel a bit different and might be a challenge for some teens. But don’t worry! We want all our students to pass everything with flying colours. So, we offer a range of support through StudySmarter including:

  • One-on-one study advice – Your child can meet with UWA academic skills advisers to improve writing, study, maths, stats or English.
  • Academic skills workshops – Students can attend free, innovative academic skills development programs to improve study techniques, time management, communication and more.
  • In-person drop-in feedback – Is your child asking you to proof their essay for them? No need to stress about how long it’s been since you were last in school, send them for on-the-spot study advice from UWA academic skills advisers and librarians. No bookings required.
  • After-hours study help – We’ll never know why teens leave their assignments until 8pm the night before it’s due (and we won’t tell them we did it too), but at UWA we understand sometimes help is needed out of hours. Students can access tutors through Studiosity 24/7 for help.

Plus, so much more!

In addition to the mental health and wellbeing, safety and academic support services we offer, here are just a few more to add to the list:

  • Training and workshops – As well as taking up some of the available support at UWA, students can also become experts, leaders and educators for others. They can take their Mental Health First Aid, Step Up Bystander Training, Brief Alcohol Intervention Training (BAIT) and more.
  • Nutrition and health – And, you’ll be happy to know our students can also attend the Foodbank Food Sensations for Adults Program where they’ll learn all about nutrition and cooking – no more instant noodles!
  • Disability and accessibility - Our UniAccess team supports students to stay healthy during their studies and perform at their best, no matter if their condition is ongoing, temporary or episodic. We celebrate inclusivity and strive for accessibility for everyone.

Find out more about our student support services.

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