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Be proactive to find accommodation

20/01/2023 |

When it comes to finding student accommodation online, being proactive is the key to your success.

More than just regularly searching for properties or setting up a profile on, proactive accommodation seekers actually apply for the opportunities they see online. Now is not the time to procrastinate, so take that procrastination and turn it into some serious productivity with our tips for students who are hitting the Perth accommodation market right now.

Tip #1 - Don't just passively wait for a room to come to you (it is a room, after all)

Accommodation waits for no woman and the key to getting yourself noticed and into your dream sharehouse or student accommodation is to apply, apply, apply. If you sign up to a flatmate finding service, it is important to create a profile that tells potential flatmates who you are (with a clear photo of you uploaded), but then you have to start messaging the advertisers.

According to Michael Johnson, Senior Officer at UWA's new Accommodation Concierge, this is a classic mistake that students make:

Some students who are new to Perth and the online rental market have made the mistake of thinking they can just create a profile and wait for flatmates to come to them. Creating a profile and describing what you are looking for is important, but the Perth accommodation market is a seller's market right now, so if you are looking for a room somewhere, you need to be proactive and start messaging advertisers as soon as possible.

Check out for the latest availability in the Perth area.

Tip #2 - Expand your search

If you are searching for rooms or rental properties near UWA's Perth campus, you will want to expand your search to at least the surrounding suburbs, if not further. It is important to jump on Google Maps and explore suburbs, considering your transport options.

Distance in kilometres is not the only search you'll want to do. Rather, how many public transport changes will you need to make? How frequently do buses or trains run in the mornings? Is there a direct route to campus, even if it takes a little bit longer, so you can sleep instead of jumping on and off different buses to get to that 10am lecture?

Tip #3 - Be safe when seeking properties or rental arrangements in the private market

Be wary of scammers and ensure you follow the safety tips provided by the rental website you are using to find your next student accommodation. Never send money or pay a deposit if you don't know the landlord or flatmates and make sure you view the property before committing to any lease agreement. While this might mean arriving in Perth a little bit earlier to secure the perfect accommodation for you, safety should always be your number one priority.

Check out this guide from the Australian Government about finding student accommodation

For international student support, including information about getting the most out of your UWA student experience, head to the International Student Support page. Looking for UWA endorsed accommodation options? Head to Accommodation Concierge for the latest availability and information about how best to approach your search.

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