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Life after uni for engineering students

11/05/2022 |

Chemical Engineering graduate Matthew works for a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy delivering projects for clients across the power, hydrogen, mining and renewables sectors.

We sat down with Matthew to find out how he scored a fantastic role straight out of uni and if he had any tips for current and future students, thinking about enrolling in the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at UWA. 

Matthe Inman UWA Engineering Graduate Profile Pic

So Matthew, give us a little bit of a rundown of what you have been doing since you graduated last year?

After graduating from UWA in 2021, I took on a graduate position at GPA Engineering as a consultant process engineer. I work with a team of about 30 engineers from multiple disciplines (electrical, process, mechanical, instrumentation, and control). We deliver engineering solutions for a wide range of clients across a multitude of industries, from future fuels and renewable energy (with many exciting hydrogen projects in the pipeline for WA) to typical oil and gas projects and even mining and minerals. Projects scopes range from pre-feasibility studies and front-end engineering design all the way through to plant construction and commissioning

So tell us about life as a Consultant Process Engineer? We know it is early days, but do you have any highlights so far?

Working in consulting has exposed me to many different exciting Greenfields design opportunities as well as the chance to review and improve existing plant design. A career highlight so far has been my involvement in Horizon Powers Hydrogen demonstration plant in Denham. The plant included a 348 kW electrolyser package, ~3,500 Nm3 hydrogen compression and storage tanks, and a 100 kW hydrogen fuel cell for 100% renewable power generation.

How did your UWA engineering degree help you get the job, and what technical knowledge did you learn that you use all of the time in the workplace?

The technical skills I gained from core engineering units at UWA allow me to get through the calculations and report writing that ends up on a client’s desk. My time at UWA helped provide the foundation for my career by developing not only my technical knowledge, but also improving my interpersonal, and organisational skill set, which definitely helped me stand out in the interviewing process.

The experience of working in groups and being involved in co-curricular clubs, volunteering and social sports helps me to now deliver multi-disciplinary projects efficiently and effectively in diverse teams that span multiple states and companies.

What tips do you have for current UWA Engineering students?

Make the most of your time at university by getting involved in everything on offer – take advantage of the wealth of knowledge at your disposal and build as many relationships as you can - this means with the other disciplines at UWA too!.

Seek more wisdom and take Matthew's advice by checking out the new Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree and, for that cross-disciplinary social stuff, definitely look into the UWA Student Guild events calendar and social clubs.

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