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7 reasons to study teaching at UWA

10/11/2020 |
3 mins

Hear from some of our students and recent graduates about their favourite parts of undertaking a teaching degree at UWA.

1. Relevant units

“The highly relevant units and support from teaching staff were what made this course enjoyable. The teaching staff were always there to help, and made tutorials and workshops relatable to what we did during our practicums.” - Indianna Brewer-Williams

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2. Practical opportunities

“I participated in a special program in my final year of master’s that allowed me to work alongside a mentor in a primary classroom every day for a whole school year. This experience was invaluable and really refined my teaching skills while strengthening my confidence.” - Bianca Matthews

3. A close-knit community 

“I have met some amazing friends here. We talk nearly every day and I would not have connected with these people if it wasn’t for UWA. As well as the awesome friendships I have made, the mentoring from my tutors and lecturers has really helped me grow as a student and a future teacher. Lecturers really do go the extra mile for their students. When things got tough, the School of Education went out of its way to offer me support. There is a genuine kindness that runs through the staff. The facilities here are also amazing. UWA has some of the best, most well-resourced libraries in Perth.” - Tiana Jones

4. Leading academics

“My favourite aspect of studying at UWA was the high-quality education I received. The Master of Teaching course was very well structured and taught by leading experts in education research. The Graduate School of Education is highly renowned, both nationally and internationally, as an excellent source of evidence-based initial teacher education. Furthermore, the academics are highly experienced educators who have practical experience in school contexts and a strong understanding of education research." - Julian Khan

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5. Well-structured course

“The course was carefully structured so the different units were coordinated in terms of assessment timing. This meant the workload was spread out relatively evenly throughout each semester. There also appeared to be excellent communication between unit coordinators who were aware of students’ workload in other units.” - Kirra Di Camillo

6. Supportive staff

“I chose to study Master of Primary Teaching at UWA because the university provides a professional and supportive environment. I appreciated the support and guidance from the UWA lecturers throughout the duration of the master’s. I formed professional and friendly relationships with the lecturers and, at times, they went above and beyond to support me. It really was outstanding.” - Melanie Baldwin

7. Lifelong friends

“The best thing about the course was making lifelong friends. I came away from my Master of Teaching with the best friends anyone could ever ask for. I regularly catch up with my cohort and seek their professional advice on various teaching matters.” - Jeike-Maree Coulter-Nile

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