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A day in the life of a postgraduate Marketing student - Jhanvi

23/03/2021 |

Jhanvi at the beachHi, my name’s Jhanvi. Currently I am in the last semester of my university degree and I am excited to begin my corporate journey. 

As an international student from India who completed my schooling in the UAE, I have always dreamt big…wanting to learn more and do more. With some self-exploration and interaction with visionaries wanting to ‘be the change’, I realised my goal was to pursue further education in the field of Marketing. I chose the Master of Marketing at UWA.

My key decision driver was to gain experience of studying with a diverse set of individuals who could challenge me to unleash my potential and assist me to begin a career in a developed country. UWA not only offered me exactly what I aspired for but I knew its world ranking, and the ranking of my course would add more to my degree.

As a Master of Marketing student, the course has given me more than just a degree. I have become more confident and an analytical thinker. The various assessment methods fostered my growth in multiple ways. 

For instance, the in-class participation encouraged me to think about a situation from a different perspective and communicate that effectively. Similarly, group projects have often provided me with new viewpoints. And the industry exposure of working on real-life projects has been unparalleled. A recent example of this is a communications plan I was involved in for Joondalup Resort - our team was involved in the rebranding and re-positioning of their bistro, now titled “The Alcove” which was a name we had recommended in our plan!

A day in the life…

My day typically involves waking up early and checking my emails for any important updates. I then do some research about the subject or prepare for lectures from the reading material made available. A normal 3-hour lecture generally involves interaction with the professor, learning and brainstorming new ideas and concepts, along with a little coffee break of course!

My one piece of advice to future students would be to get the most out of your university experience and stay focused on your goals!

JhanviNot skipping my social life, the experience of being at the UWA Tavern with friends is amazing. With a fun and chilled environment, there are chances that you might end up discussing your career aspirations and goals. One thing I enjoy the most is networking with people from different backgrounds and getting to know them more. In fact, this helped me source an internship which paved the way to my first job.


During the day I also spend time in team meetings with the club members of either of the three clubs I am involved in. Depending on my role in the particular club, I write social media posts, organise events, work on strategic planning, participate in video shooting, recruit for the club, organise various marketing collaterals, or even go on a field day and watch a car race!

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