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Law students sitting together on campus

How to thrive in a law degree

22/07/2020 |

Making your way through a law degree while balancing part-time work, personal commitments and hobbies can be challenging, particularly if you continue through postgraduate study, but it's well worth the effort. We caught up with a few of our law students and graduates to ask them to share some words of wisdom.


Laura Darch

Have a positive mindset 

"Believing in yourself will get you through a law degree. Never give up hope that you cannot achieve your dreams and goals. Work hard and stay determined, and you will be another successful graduate. It is when we lose faith of our potential that we will not succeed. [A] positive attitude is one thing that will get you through."

Laura, Law and Arts graduate



Alex Gibson

Embrace opportunities

“You’ll be presented with a lot of opportunities as a law student. Make the most of these chances, whether academic, social or otherwise. Not only will they enhance your overall experience, they’ll help you in your degree. The more you put yourself out there, the more you can build a support network and the better you can overcome the challenges you’ll face.”

— Alex, third-year Juris Doctor student



Rebecca Johnson

Follow your values

"Do what lights you up inside.”

— Bec, Law and Arts graduate



Tae Hoon Kim

 Keep an open mind 

“Keep an open mind in every situation. Whether or not you’re in class, it always helps (and is often necessary) to consider other people’s perspectives. Any sort of belief that you can come up with all the right answers on your own is usually promptly met with disappointment.”

— Tae, third-year Juris Doctor student



Calvin Rokich

Study efficiently 

“Set yourself task- or content-based goals rather than time-based goals. It’s so much better to have a list of specific goals to achieve when you study, than to plan to study for a certain number of hours each day. Not only will you be more productive in the time you spend, you might find that you finish quicker than you anticipated and can enjoy a bit of time off.”

— Calvin, third-year Juris Doctor student



Ebony Back

Take risks

"Challenge assumptions, always be open to new ideas and never fear failure."

— Ebony, Lawyer at Allens and Juris Doctor graduate

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