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What kind of geographer are you?

27/07/2020 |

Geography – the study of the Earth’s landscapes, peoples and environments – is a diverse and fascinating field. So diverse, in fact, UWA offers three distinct majors in it. 

There’s the Geography major in the Bachelor of Science, the Human Geography and Planning major in the Bachelor of Arts, and the Environmental Geography and Planning major in the Bachelor of Environmental Design. UWA’s course model also allows them to be taken as a second major alongside a first major in almost any of our bachelor’s degrees.

So what’s the difference between the three and which one is right for you?


Geography incorporates physical geography and environmental science units, covering important topics such as climate change, with a strong emphasis on fieldwork including exciting overseas destinations.

It’s a great major to pair with other Life, Agriculture and Environmental Science subjects like Conservation Biology, Environmental Science or Marine Science.
You could go on to careers in areas such as conservation or environmental management, or pursue Honours or even a PhD for a career in scientific research.

This major is for you if you:

  • enjoy sciences, maths and geography at school.
  • enjoy studying outdoors and love to travel.
  • are passionate about the environment.




Human Geography and Planning

Human Geography and Planning focuses on how people interact with one another and the planet. It includes units that focus on economic development, sustainable cities and environmental policy.

You could pair it with other Humanities and Social Sciences subjects, such as Anthropology and Sociology, History, Political Science and International Relations, or one of the eight European and Asian languages we offer.

After completing this major, you’ll open up exciting options for further study like a Master of Urban and Regional Planning or Master of International Development, and be equipped for a career taking on major global issues.

This major is for you if you:

  • enjoy studying humanities and social sciences (like history and politics) and geography.
  • are fascinated by people and cultures.
  • would love to explore how environmental, economic, social and political processes interact.




Environmental Geography and Planning

Our Environmental Geography and Planning major is being introduced in 2021 as part of the new Bachelor of Environmental Design. The major focuses on sustainability in natural resource use and urban design, and is perfect if you’re interested in Architecture and Design. The major would go well with a second major such as Landscape Architecture or Natural Resource Management. 

Study in Environmental Geography and Planning could lead you to a career in urban or regional planning, environmental management or consulting, or even urban design.

This is the right major for you if you:

  • are an analytical problem-solver who enjoys technologies, sciences, and humanities and social sciences at school.
  • care about environmental sustainability.
  • want a career where you can make a tangible impact on the world.

As you can see, no matter whether you choose a Bachelor of Science, Arts or Environmental Design, there’s a geography major waiting for you. And don’t forget, our course structure also allows you to take geography as a second major or choose geography units in any other degree.



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