Specialisations in the Master of Physics

Astronomy and Astrophysics

Observational and theoretical methods of studying astronomical systems using world-class observatories and supercomputers to advance knowledge.

Computational Physics

Numerical methods, high-performance computing, graphics processing unit (GPU) programming and methods of computational physics.

Experimental Physics

Precision measurement experimental skills ranging from Atomic, Molecular and Surface physics, Frequency and Quantum Metrology, Optomechanics and Gravitational Wave detection instrumentation.

Medical Physics

A variety of opportunities are available at UWA for students who are interested in learning about Medical Physics.

The Medical Physics Research Group at UWA has achieved excellence in the training of medical physicists and scientists in the broad field of radiation oncology and diagnostic imaging. Many of our graduates are now in medical physics roles either here in Perth or at institutions across the world. The group offers MSc, and PhD degrees in Medical Physics.

As an integral component of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and the Department of Physics at UWA, the medical physics group proudly undertakes the educational missions of both institutions. 

The program is accredited by the ACPSEM. The Departments of Radiation Oncology, Med Tech and Physics, and Nuclear Medicine at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Genesis Cancer Care, and Icon Cancer Centre in Perth provide educational support through lectures, practical sessions, and research supervision for postgraduate students of Medical Physics.

The Master of Medical Physics at UWA is a Commonwealth supported place (CSP) program.  The program has also been approved by the Australian Government as eligible for student income support (meaning students can apply for Austudy/ABSTUDY to support themselves financially while studying).

Our students are allowed to follow their specific interests, talents and aspirations by having a choice from a diverse list of proposed research topics. Qualities such as hard work, friendship, respect, and collegiality always take precedence in our group, and we aim to provide the best environment for our students to help them achieve their academic and personal goals.

Ultimately, we measure our academic success by the individual success of our students.  You can find success stories of our graduates in the Alumni page and in our weblog.

So what are you waiting for? Join us to explore the wonderful world of Medical Physics together!

Contact the Coordinator of Medical Physics Dr. Pejman Rowshanfarzad for queries.

Theoretical Physics

Theoretical aspects of Quantum Gravity and physics beyond the Standard Model.