School of Physics, Mathematics and Computing

Creating the computing software, mathematical solutions and physics theories of the future

The School of Physics, Mathematics and Computing gives you a broad education to develop skills to tackle the fast-paced changes in today's world.

Our courses equip you with practical and theoretical expertise to develop effective and efficient analysis, visualisation, interpretation and technological skills.

The majors we offer in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Software Engineering provide the knowledge you need for complicated problem-solving while preparing you to take the leap into an interesting and rewarding career.

If you wish to have a career as a data scientist, astronomer, medical physicist, computer programmer, statistician, accountant or banker, then this School is for you. Our graduates are working for leading organisations around the world, including Google, NASA and Microsoft.

By enrolling in a Physics, Mathematics or Computing course at UWA, you will be closely involved in developing, creating and improving our everyday lives by interpreting the data, IT, mathematics and physics behind technological advances.

Our departments


Study how we exist in the world, through astronomy and astrophysics, computational, experimental, medical and theoretical physics.

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Mathematics and Statistics

Use data analysis, forecasting, decision making and detailed problem solving to find solutions to real world problems.

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Computer Science and Software Engineering

Tackle technological challenges and devise innovative solutions to transform the way we live.

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UWA is ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world.

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UWA's Department of Mathematics and Statistics awarded 5 out of 5 in Excellence of Research Australia in Mathematical Sciences (Pure and Applied Mathematics)

UWA's Department of Physics was awarded 5 out of 5 in Excellence of Research Australia in Physical Sciences

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We're home to three startups: Fleet Engineering, Wearhawk and Mapizy

Our Courses

  • With a major in Cybersecurity from UWA, you’ll be ready for a range of specialist cybersecurity roles.

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  • Mathematics is humanity's most powerful tool for comprehending the universe and is essential for many fields of modern endeavour such as science, technology, engineering and finance.

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  • Physics is the key to understanding the world around us.

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  • Computing software and systems are becoming increasingly integral to our lives, revolutionising the world in which we live, work and communicate.

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  • As one of the most rapidly growing fields in information technology, Data Science unearths value and meaning from data to help businesses and organisations across the globe.

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  • The knowledge and practical skills in data science technologies for data collection, cleaning, conversion, analysis, visualisation, interpretation, storage, search, synthesis and cloud management.

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  • This course prepares you for specialist cybersecurity roles with a global perspective.

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  • Medical physicists are closely involved in the commissioning, calibration, safe operation and maintenance of medical systems that help diagnose and treat thousands of people every year.

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  • Gain the skills to transform data into intelligence and become a sought-after expert at the forefront of this rapidly expanding field.

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  • Ensure your adequate research preparation to satisfy the eligibility requirements for a PhD with this higher degree by research preliminary course.

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  • Take part in a research project with an internationally recognised research group.

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  • Gain advanced IT skills to engage at the cutting edge of global technology solutions.

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  • The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the University's flagship research degree, which can be taken in any discipline area in the University.

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World-leading mathematician Professor Cheryl Praeger

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Discover EZONE – our multimillion-dollar dedicated innovation and technological hub for engineering and mathematical science students, with flexible workspaces for collaborative learning and industry interaction.

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