Agricultural and resource economics

Managing our natural resources to create a sustainable agricultural and environmental future

Agricultural and resource economics investigates how the environment, natural resources and agricultural lands are managed and the role of policy in improving their management. Our teachers and researchers are renowned internationally for work spanning:

Agricultural economics

We study many aspects of agriculture from an economic perspective, including crop and rotation choice, crop input management, pasture and livestock management, climate change impacts on agriculture, carbon storage on farms, soil conservation, farm risk management, and more.

Economics of mining and energy

We study various aspects of the economics of mining and minerals, and energy, including renewable energy technologies.

Environmental economics and natural resource management

We study how the environment can be managed to provide the greatest net benefits. Our research covers terrestrial and marine biodiversity conservation, water pollution, invasive pests, bushfire management, and more.

Food systems and agribusiness

We study how the organisation and governance of food systems can be improved. Our research covers agribusiness, supply chains, efficiency and productivity analysis, wine economics, adoption of new farming technologies, and more.

Water economics and policy

Our research covers the economics of public water supply, economic incentives and policies for water management, economic modelling tools to assist with urban water management, and measuring the intangible benefits of using water to improve liveability for city and urban residents.

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1st in Australia and 22nd in the world for Agricultural Sciences (ARWU 2023)

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2nd in Australia and 38th in the world for Environmental Science and Engineering (ARWU 2023)

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Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy (CEEP)

Our Centre addresses complex, multi-faceted environmental problems through quality research for policy makers and program investors. We undertake innovative research that integrates information and perspectives from different disciplines, including physical sciences, biology and social sciences within an economic framework. Our areas of application include water, biodiversity, conservation, land, natural hazards, marine, coastal, and climate change. We also engage with government, industry and NGOs on environmental, social and economic policy issues to address knowledge gaps and build capacity (see CEEP Flyer).

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Centre for Agricultural Economics and Development (CAED)

Our vision is to foster innovation and provide research-based solutions to food and nutritional security, environmental sustainability and agribusiness. The Institute works with the agricultural and natural resource sectors to create knowledge and improve workforce skills, such that those committed to agriculture may advance their individual aspirations, contribute to local and regional prosperity, and exercise responsible stewardship of the environment.

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