Neonatal Infection and Inflammation

Reducing neonatal inflammation for healthier babies

Preterm birth contributes to approximately 75 per cent of all early-life illness and deaths worldwide; much of which is associated with prematurity-related infection and inflammatory conditions.

Early-life inflammation is intrinsic in both immediate morbidity as well as long-term disease, including impaired neurodevelopment.

Newborn sepsis (a bloodstream infection) and necrotising enterocolitis (an inflammatory condition of the gut) trigger systemic inflammation the risk of disease or death.

Our infection and inflammation discipline focuses on:

  • Deciphering how the newborn immune system works
  • Preventing infection and inflammation
  • Early diagnosis of infection
  • Reducing the use of empiric antibiotics
  • Improving disability-free survival

Current projects

Our discipline is currently recruiting PhD, master’s or honours students for the following projects. If you are interested in getting involved, contact UWA Medical School’s Professor Karen Simmer.

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