Child and Adolescent Development and Health

Early influences last a lifetime


Early influences on child and adolescent health significantly impact health and development throughout life.

The first years of a child’s life influence their behaviour and physical activity patterns later on.

Lifestyle factors such as excessive screen use, not enough play and limited exercise can have harmful effects, not simply to a child’s physical health but to their mental wellbeing.

Our Child and Adolescent Development and Health Discipline looks at the years of a child’s life – from early childhood through to teens – to uncover the best environments for young people and how to implement programs to facilitate healthy lifestyles for lifelong health and wellbeing.

Our research engages stakeholders to form real-world policies and programs, while providing research training and experience for undergraduate and postgraduate students seeking careers in child and adolescent health and development.


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The impact of research around vulnerable population groups is elevated by close relationships with industry, philanthropic and community partners.

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