Industrial/organisational psychology and human factors

Examining the human element of work to create better workplaces

In an increasingly technology-based world, workplaces and the nature of work have changed dramatically. The fields of human factors and industrial/organisational psychology deal with the human element of work, as well as the interactions of humans with the technological and social elements of systems. 

This involves improving the organisational and physical structure of the workplace to accommodate the cognitive, physiological and motivational capabilities and limitations of humans.

Our work investigates the performance and wellbeing of workers in various roles by considering both system factors such as work design and management style, and individual factors such as fatigue, problem-solving abilities and situational awareness.

Our research seeks to answer questions such as:

  • How do we attract and select job applicants to optimise person-role fit?
  • How can we design workplaces and work roles to enable the workforce to perform effectively, efficiently and safely?

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