Engineering and Science Education, Society and Work

Informing education of engineers and scientists to lead
high-functioning societies


The Engineering Science Education, Society and Work research cluster undertakes research to inform education in engineering, computing, physics and mathematics.

UWA research has shown both domestic and international engineering performance is falling short of reasonable expectations. The research challenge for this group is to improve engineering science education from undergraduate and postgraduate pathways through to workplace education and retraining.

We have recognised this as a chance to improve the quality of future generations of engineers and scientists, while increasing the understanding of the social and economic value engineers and scientists bring to our world.




Australian Council of Deans of Information & Communications Technology Learning and Teaching Academy (ACDICT ALTA)

  • Automated PDF Fingerprint Generation and Detection to Identify Contract Cheaters
  • Cooper, D., McDonald, C.


OceanWorks – Part of the Woodside FutureLab Network 

  • Creating Inclusive Engineering Classes
  • Male, S. Jones, N.


UWA Education Futures

  • EZONE 4D Environment
  • Male, S.A. Guzzomi, A., Hassan, G.M.

UWA Education Futures

  • VR Safety in Design
  • Male, S.A. Guzzomi, A., Hassan, G.M.

National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education

  • Access to Work Integrated Learning: Influence of Communities of Practice
  • Lloyd, N., Male, S.A., Paull, M.


Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching

  • Virtual Work Integrated Learning for Engineering Students
  • Male, S. A., Bennamoun, M., Trevelyan, J., Boussaid, F., Cameron, I., Maynard, N., Tade, M., Sohel, F., Garrett, M. Pointing, D., Hargreaves, D.