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Yarning Circle

United Nations Regional Centre  of Expertise Western Australia

Education for Sustainable Development

Artist: Shandell Cummings, Kaal (Fire)

Who we are

United Nations Regional Centres of Expertise (UNRCE) strive to provide and facilitate Education for Sustainable Development in local and regional communities by bringing together formal, non-formal and informal organisations.

Joining the global network of 190 UNRCEs, UNRCE WA serves as a platform for promoting education for sustainable development (ESD) within the region, fostering collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and innovation towards the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UWA is the secretariat of the UNRCE WA, joining the global network of 190 UNRCEs. UNRCEWA.

Our network of institutions and individuals are committed to using education and learning as tools for building a sustainable future.

Education for Sustainable Development

UNRCE WA is committed to further generating, accelerating and mainstreaming Education for Sustainable Development and contributing to the realisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, starting locally. UNRCE WA facilitates multi-stakeholder partnerships including educators, researchers, government bodies, community organizations, and businesses to co-create and implement sustainable solutions that address local and global challenges. Aligned directly to the Roadmap for the UNRCE Community 2021-2030, the UNRCE WA strives to:

  • Promote and advance Education for Sustainable Development initiatives across the region to foster a culture of sustainability, innovation, and lifelong learning.
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration among stakeholders to enhance the understanding of sustainable development challenges and solutions.
  • Support capacity building and knowledge-sharing activities that empower individuals and communities to contribute to the SDGs.
  • Develop partnerships and networks to leverage expertise, resources, and best practices towards sustainable development.
  • Contribute to the implementation of the 2030 UNRCE roadmap by aligning activities and initiatives with the Global UNRCE Network's goals and priorities.

Interested in joining the UNRCE WA or joining our mailing list to learn about upcoming meetings and events?

Please contact the UNRCE WA secretariat with your details and areas of interest.

UNRCE WA Projects

Wave Hello to Renewable Energy

Led by Marine Energy Research Australia, Wave Hello to Renewable Energy is an interactive portable demonstration of coastal impact and wave energy for use at public events and schools. The demonstration involves a wave tank and small 3D-printed wave energy converter models for participants of all ages to experiment with. Delivered by a STEM professional from the Great Southern region, this project supports experiential learning and focuses on STEM and innovation. Classroom resources are also available.

Applied Training Pathways & Waste Reduction

An alternative job-ready educational pathway developed through a partnership between WorklinkWA and the City of Albany’s waste facility. Waste items from local trade businesses, such as wooden pallets, are being used for guided construction projects that teach practical skills. More broadly though, as a training ecosystem, this program delivers supportive life skills to small communities of at-risk youth who might otherwise get trapped in a vicious cycle of unemployment and barriers.

History and Future of Albany’s Foreshore

A portfolio of sustainability initiatives that celebrate the historic significance of Albany Port, connecting it to the Albany community. Southern Ports, working with the City of Albany and regional stakeholders, have developed contemporary approaches to re-imagining their historic Pilot Cottages and to joining a new cruise ship terminal with the growing tourist precinct on the Albany foreshore. For several years, UWA School of Design (Architecture) students have completed Summer School Studio field components in Albany to design concepts for these Port areas.

A UN Regional Centre of Expertise (UNRCE) is not a physical centre or building, but rather an apolitical network of individuals, organisations and experts who understand the sustainability challenges in their home regions and are committed to using education as a tool for building a sustainable future. The Secretariat is located at:

Address: University of Western Australia,
Administration Building 102.134
                35 Stirling Highway, Crawley 6007.

Phone: 08 6488 8176

Email: [email protected]

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