'Need for speed': UWA graduate breaks e-skate record

13/12/2022 | 4 mins (including 2 min video)


A mechanical engineering graduate from The University of Western Australia has broken the Guinness World Record for the fastest speed on an electric skateboard.

Raine Kent, who graduated from UWA in 2018, blitzed the previous record of 95kmh when he reached 132kmh on his custom-designed e-skateboard.

The engineer, who is about to launch his own e-skateboard company ‘Raith’ after patenting the board’s motor design, said he loved the thrill of speed skateboarding.

“I love the adrenaline rush that you get from e-skateboarding,” Mr Kent said. 

“I began my career in skateboarding in downhill racing so negotiating hills at speed and sliding and now I’ve moved into e-skateboarding. The speed, the adrenaline, the rush — I love it.”

He broke the speed record on a special track at Bullsbrook and admits it was nerve wracking. 

“It was very scary but exciting at the same time and it was good to achieve something that I had been talking about for so long,” he said. 

“Breaking the record was awesome and hopefully we hold it for a few years to come.”

Mr Kent said the market for e-skateboards was growing and as well as developing a ‘speed’ board, he had another that was more suited to everyday use such as commuting.

He said his mechanical engineering studies at UWA had equipped him well for the venture.

“That set me up really well actually in terms of taking a scientific approach to developing these products in a safe manner,” Mr Kent said.

“The rewards have been great. It’s fantastic to see people’s faces light up when they ride the boards.”


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