The University of Western Australia’s new decadal vision, UWA 2030, sets out how our university will play a significant role in shaping the social and economic transformation of our Indian Ocean region. Increasing our engagement with Indonesia is a vital part of this.

UWA is a member, with three other Go8 universities and seven of Indonesia’s top universities, of the Australia Indonesia Centre, established by the Australian and Indonesian governments and headquartered at Monash University.

For the period 2019-22 the AIC’s research focus is on community-centric infrastructure and empowered communities in Makassar and South Sulawesi.

UWA’s node of the AIC also works to build and connect UWA capacity in Indonesia-focussed research, teaching and engagement.

Professor Anu Rammohan

Professor Anu RammohanAnu Rammohan is a Professor of Economics, and Associate Dean (International) at the Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education. She is also the Senior Research Fellow at UWA for the Australia Indonesia Centre’s Partnership for Australia Indonesia Research’s (PAIR) program. Her research is in Development Economics and Health Economics. 

The focus of her research has been on understanding household vulnerability and socio-economic factors that can influence maternal and child health outcomes, gender and food security issues in South and South East Asia, particularly in India, Indonesia and more recently in Myanmar. Her recent research has focused on two central areas- (i) the analysis of intra-household distribution of health and education in developing countries, and its implications for the household’s children, women and the elderly, and (ii) food and nutritional security in rural areas of developing countries. Her research has been widely published, and has been funded by research grants from the Australian Research Council, DFAT, Australian Council of International Agriculture Research and the Australia India Institute. She is on the Editorial Board of The Economic Record, Australia’s top-ranked Economics policy journal.


David Norman

David NormanDavid Norman is Senior Policy Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor at the University of Western Australia. With the Hon Stephen Smith, he created UWA Public Policy Institute, which works to increase the translation of UWA research into evidence-based policy, and to increase the impact of UWA’s work in Australia, the Indian Ocean Region and the Indo-Pacific. He is on the Board of the Australia Indonesia Centre. David has worked in public and private tertiary education in Australia, the UK, Japan and Spain, and in government in the UK.