Strength in neurodiversity

Dr Gail Alvares: Raine Priming Grant recipient

Creating the Australian Autism Biobank

I hope that our research efforts contribute to shaping a future where all individuals, irrespective of neurodiverse differences,  are able to reach their full potential.


Dr Gail Alvares is an early-career researcher, currently working with the Autism Research Team at the  Telethon Kids Institute  and The University of Western Australia. 


Dr Alvares was awarded a Raine Priming Grant in 2018 for her project "Childhood indicators of adult outcomes: A longitudinal follow-up of the WA Autism Register ".


During her career, Gail has led the coordination of Australia's first national biobank for autism (the Australian Autism Biobank), currently the largest detailed biological and clinical repository of information about autism in Australia. She has also carried out research aiming to develop new technology-based ways to deliver therapy to children.


The research funded by the Raine Medical Research Foundation aims to examine the predictors of long-term outcomes in children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in adolescence and adulthood. While a great deal of research focuses on early diagnosis and intervention, very little is known about ASD beyond childhood, and factors at diagnosis that could predict outcomes. The study recruited individuals diagnosed in childhood from Australia's only state-wide ASD register up to 20 years after their diagnosis.

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