Living bequests

A new way to build your legacy

Living bequests

A living bequest is a special gift made up of two parts. The first part begins during your lifetime, with a series of tax-deductible donations. These donations are kept in a separate named account and invested according to the University investment policy, with all investment income recapitalised. The second part, a gift in your will, tops up your contribution to complete your living bequest. 

Living bequests can be an effective way to increase the impact of your charitable giving, as each year the income of your living bequest contributions is recapitalised, allowing the total value to grow. Combined with a gift in your will, this can result in a substantially larger gift than what might be achieved by donation or bequest alone.

A bequest is a freely given gift that comes out of gratitude, without a sense of obligation. And it helps to make the world a more caring and joyful place. Dr John Harriot, donor, living bequestor and UWA graduate

Dr Harriott is a retired anaesthetist, whose own experience with mental health informs his philanthropic journey. John supports scholarships for medical students, and is the inaugural donor to UWA's Young Lives Matter Foundation. John’s lifetime gifts are building towards his vision of establishing a Chair in Mood Disorders, which will ultimately be realised through his bequest. 

How can we help?

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your intentions in complete confidence, please reach out to the UWA Bequests team