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Unlocking Cultural Collections through Digitisation Webinar

Held on 11th October 2020 by Western Australian University Librarians (WAUL)


  • Introduction to the Digitisation Centre of WA by Scott Nicholls, Associate University Librarian, Research and Collections (UWA)
  • Using digital collections in research by Professor Ben Smith, Associate Dean, Research (UWA)
  • Collection prioritisation by Peter Green, Associate Director, Collections, Systems & Infrastructure (Curtin University)
  • Digital asset management by Daniel Rozas Nunez, Manager Collection Care (SLWA)

Digital Transitions Cultural Heritage Roundtable 2023

Held on 1st November 2023 by Digital Transitions (DT)

Theme: Celebrating the Real-World Impact of the Digitisation Community

Speaker presentations are available on DT's website for free: Registration required.

Featured presentation from the Digitisation Centre of WA:

De-risking Cultural Heritage Digitisation by Ben Heath, Digitisation Officer of the DCWA (UWA)


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Main digitisation laboratory
Level 2, Barry J Marshall Library (Room 2.14, Building 446),
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Dispatch room
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DCWA sound studio
Level 2 of the State Library of Western Australia in the Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge


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