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Research Themes

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Monitoring of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) ​

Lead Lee Nedkoff

This program investigates burden and trends in coronary heart disease, stroke, heart failure, and other CVDs, with a focus on methodological issues related to the use of big data, international comparisons and population disparities.

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Indigenous Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Health​

LeadJudith Katzenellenbogen

This program explores CVD burden, multimorbidity and receipt of health care among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, aiming to improve surveillance, models of care and outcomes. Landmark studies include the ERASE project and the BAHHWA project.

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Clinical Epidemiology and Trials​

Leads Tom Briffa and Frank Sanfilippo

This program includes clinical trials and studies to improve patient outcomes following myocardial infarction (MI), valvular heart disease, and other cardiovascular conditions. One of the current projects in this theme is the SPAN trial.

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Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk Factors

LeadSiobhan Hickling

This program focuses on examining cardiovascular disease risk factors, including studies on the impact of dietary habits and early health behaviours to reduce the risk of non-communicable disease in both high income and low-middle income countries.

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LeadFrank Sanfilippo

This program focuses on investigating medication use and adherence in patients with cardiovascular disease, and assessing the safety and effectiveness of these drugs in preventing cardiovascular and other adverse events.

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