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About the Integrity Standards Unit

As part of the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s portfolio, the ISU has responsibility for the complaint resolution framework and the student discipline framework.
  • Clients/Service users

    A client / service users of the ISU is anyone who engages with the ISU.

    • COMPLAINANT the person who has made the complaint
    • RESPONDENT (Complaint) is the University person(s) who is/are identified as being responsible for a prior, current or proposed decision, act or omission about which the complaint has been made
    • RESPONDENT (Discipline) is the UWA student responding to an allegation of misconduct
    • RESPONSIBLE OFFICER - the University person assigned to handle a complaint
    • DECISION MAKER – the University person who will make a decision about student misconduct 

  • Interacting with the ISU

    In line with the University’s values, staff in the ISU communicate and conduct themselves in a reasonable, respectful, lawful and appropriate manner.  The ISU expects those interacting with the ISU to act in the same manner.  

    Rights – all parties to a complaint or student discipline process have the right to:

    • be treated with courtesy and respect
    • fairness, transparency and the correct application of policy and procedures
    • reasonable assistance, to be heard, and to be kept informed
    • seek advice and be supported in University processes
    • resolution at the appropriate level
    • decision making that is transparent, on the merits of the case, and without bias
    • to be informed of external complaint/appeal processes.

    Responsibilities – all parties to a complaint or student discipline process are expected to:

    • engage with the University process appropriately and reasonably
    • be honest and provide information relevant to the case
    • treat University staff with courtesy and respect
    • maintain the confidentiality of the process
    • not take any detrimental action against a complainant in reprisal for making a complaint

    ISU Actions

    An ISU officer, or the Unit, may restrict of suspend contact with any party where the person engages in inappropriate contact and the person may be asked to respond to an allegation on misconduct.  

    Correspondence – the ISU may determine to not engage in, or respond to, correspondence that includes inappropriate language or in which threats are made.  

    Phone/Teams communications – an ISU officer may end a phone call or Teams call, where following a warning, the other person continues to use inappropriate language or behaves in any other inappropriate way.

    Interviews/Meetings – during any face-to-face contact, where a person acts inappropriately, an ISU officer may end the meeting.  Where there is any concern about possible harm, an ISU officer may also call UWA Security and may report the incident to the Police.

  • ISU Frameworks and Services

    Complaints Management

    • Receive and assess complaints/reports from staff, students and the wider community
    • Refer where appropriate to other processes, for informal or formal resolution
    • Undertake investigations where required
    • Receive, assess and assist with the management of matters reported via the University’s external whistle-blower hotline.

    Student Discipline

    • Receive and where appropriate refer alleged student misconduct for investigation
    • Undertake investigations on behalf of senior staff

    Advice and Support

    • Provide advice to assist staff, students and the wider community on the complaint process and how to consider and make determinations relating to complaints
    • Provide support to staff undertaking complaint or student discipline investigations
    • Identify any emerging wellbeing concerns and connect the party to support services

    Reporting and Intelligence

    • Report and manage serious student discipline in consultation with senior staff
    • Manage the University’s case management system for complaints and student discipline
    • Develop and maintain regular reporting on themes and trends in complaints and student discipline through relevant staff and University committees
    • Maximise use of all available data to identify and report systemic issues, root causes and potential risks, and opportunities for improvement to senior leaders
  • Personal information

    All personal information is handled in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Contact the ISU


Advice and queries are best directed to: [email protected]

If you wish to make a complaint or report to the ISU, please visit the Reports & Complaints page.


+61 8 6488 1022

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