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University legislation 

The governance of the University takes place within a framework which exists to provide for the effective, ethical and accountable governance and management of the University.

Key instruments within this frameworks are:


The University of Western Australia and its associated entities are governed, in part or in whole, by these Acts of Parliament.

University of Western Australia Act 1911

An Act to establish, incorporate and endow The University of Western Australia. It and other relevant acts are available on the Parliamentary Counsel's Office website.

University Colleges Act 1926

An Act to establish and endow residential colleges within the University.

University Medical School, Teaching Hospitals Act 1955

An Act to provide facilities in certain hospitals for the teaching of medical students.

Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Act 1966

An Act to enable the establishment of a medical centre at Hollywood by reserving certain lands.


The University of Western Australia Statute (the UWA Statute) establishes the major sub-structure of the University and deals with matters of central importance.

 UWA Statute [188 KB DOCX]


The University of Western Australia Lands By-laws manage and regulate access, use and conduct on the "Lands of the University". They apply to every person, vehicle or thing which is at any time on those lands.

 UWA Lands By-Laws [387 KB DOCX]

Regulations and rules

Regulations are made by the Senate and relate to procedural aspects of matters which are dealt with in the UWA Act or a Statute. They include regulations regarding the Senate, Academic Board and the Guild.

The University has regulations and rules to cover all staff and students while on campus.

Further information


Delegations of authority are the mechanisms by which the University enables officers, committees and other bodies of the University to act on behalf of the University.


University policies direct and guide conduct and decision-making.

Standing Orders

Senate Standing Orders govern the procedures of Senate and Senate committees.

Student Conduct and Discipline

Learn more about regulations for student conduct and discipline.

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