Quantum information, simulation and algorithms

Using quantum computation to solve complex problems


Instead of brute-force miniaturisation of basic electronic components, quantum computation uses entirely new design architecture to solve problems that are intractable on conventional computers.

The quantum information, simulation and algorithms discipline researches the potential to harness nature at a deeper level while developing new possibilities for communication and data processing.

This quantum information and computation data, gathered through knowledge and expertise from UWA researchers, is used to translate theoretical concepts and advanced ideas into practical and useful applications.

Research opportunities are available for prospective students in this cluster. You can learn more by emailing the Pre-candidature team at the Graduate Research School.

Research Seminars

June 15th, 3pm, Jingbo Wang on Quantum Optimisation, Zoom Link

Recent Publications

Marsh & Wang "Combinatorial optimization via highly efficient quantum walks", Physical Review Research, Vol. 2, 023302, 2020


Quantum computers will change the world (if they work)

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