Ageing and Mental Health

Investigating mental health in later life

Health and ageing is an area of research strength in the Health and Medical Sciences Schools. We have an accomplished and successful team of investigators with expertise in epidemiology, randomised trials, genetic epidemiology, neuroimaging and clinical research.

Our multidisciplinary team is passionate about delivering high-quality research, as well as training the next generation of upcoming young scientists interested in extending life free of disability in our communities.

Epidemiological research allows us to identify exposures that modify the risk of poor health outcomes in later life, such as depression and dementia. These exposures can be environmental or biological (including genetics), and some can be modified.

Interested in collaborating with us?

We maintain a strong network of collaborations with colleagues in Australia and overseas. We welcome both the sharing of data and invitations to contribute to large research projects. We also gratefully welcome the generous contribution of agencies and philanthropic groups who are interested in supporting our program on ageing and health.

Bell Legacy Fund:
The Bell Legacy Fund has been supporting research into health and ageing since 2012.

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