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Bruce Webber

Adj/A/Prof Bruce Webber

Adjunct Associate Professor
Adjunct and Honorary Staff (Plant Biology)

Contact details
Adjunct and Honorary Staff (Plant Biology)
The University of Western Australia
c/o CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences
Private Bag 5, WEMBLEY WA 6913
9333 6802
9333 6646
Key research
competition dynamics of plant invasions
global change impacts on plants (climate change, landscape modification)
plant-animal interactions (plant defence mechanisms, ant-plant mutualisms, plant food rewards)
Ryparosa (Achariaceae) taxonomy
Refereed papers

* Wilson, JRU, Caplat, P, Dickie, IA, Hui, C, Maxwell, BD, Nuñez, MA, Pauchard, A, Rejmánek, M, Richardson, DM, Robertson, MP, Spear, D, Webber, BL, van Wilgen, BW & Zenni, RD (2013) A standardized set of metrics to assess and monitor tree invasions. Biological Invasions, (Online early, DOI: 10.1007/s10530-013-0605-x). [Download]

* Donaldson, JE, Hui, C, Richardson, DM, Robertson, MP, Webber, BL & Wilson, JRU (2013) Invasion trajectory of alien trees: the role of introduction pathway and planting history. Global Change Biology, (Online early, DOI: 10.1111/gcb.12486). [Download]

* Kriticos, DJ, Le Maitre, DC & Webber, BL (2013) Essential elements of discourse for advancing the modelling of species' current and potential distributions. Journal of Biogeography, 40: 608-611. [Download]

* Webber, BL, Le Maitre, DC & Kriticos, DJ (2012) Comment on “Climatic niche shifts are rare among terrestrial plant invaders”. Science, 338: 193. [Download]

* Scott, JK, Jourdan, M, Morin, L, Webber, BL, Yeoh, PB, Ebeling, SK & Cousens, R (2012) Sea spurge, Euphorbia paralias, ecological assessment and testing of biological control agents. Proceedings of the 18th Australasian Weeds Conference, p 375. [Free Download].

* Murray, JV, Lehnhoff, EA, Neve, P, Poggio, SL & Webber, BL (2012) 'Raising the bar': improving the standard and utility of weed and invasive plant research. New Phytologist, 196: 678-680. [Free Download].

* Trudgen, MS, Webber, BL & Scott, JK (2012) Human-mediated introduction of Livistona palms into central Australia: conservation and management implications. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 279: 4115-4117. [Download] [Media Release] [ECOS magazine article] [The Conversation article] [ABC Science article] [The Australian article].

* Conn, BJ, Hadiah, JT & Webber, BL (2012) The status of Cecropia introductions in Malesia: addressing the confusion. Blumea, 57: 136-142. [Download]

* Webber, BL, Scott, JK & Didham, RK (2012) Australia: small steps to control invasives. Nature, 482: 471. [Download]

* Webber, BL & Scott, JK (2012) Rapid global change: implications for defining natives and aliens. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 21: 305-311. [Download] [Cover Image] [The Conversation article]

* Kriticos, DJ, Webber, BL, Leriche, A, Ota, N, Macadam, I, Bathols, J & Scott, JK (2012) CliMond: global high-resolution historical and future scenario climate surfaces for bioclimatic modelling. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 3: 53-64. [Free Download] [CliMond website]

* Webber, BL, Born, C, Conn, BJ, Hadiah, JT & Zalamea, P-C (2011) What is in a name? That which we call Cecropia peltata by any other name would be as invasive? Plant Ecology and Diversity, 4: 289-293. [Download]

* Webber, BL, Scott, JK & Didham, RK (2011) Translocation or bust! A new acclimatization agenda for the 21st century? Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 26: 495-496. [Download]

* Thompson, GD, Robertson, MP, Webber, BL, Richardson, DM, Le Roux, JJ & Wilson, JRU (2011) Predicting the subspecific identity of invasive species using distribution models: Acacia saligna as an example. Diversity and Distributions, 17: 1001-1014. [Free Download]

* Rasplus, J-Y, La Salle, J, Delvare, G, McKey, D & Webber, BL (2011) A new Afrotropical genus and species of Tetrastichinae (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) inducing galls on Bikinia (Leguminosae : Caesalpinioideae) and a new species of Ormyrus (Hymenoptera: Ormyridae) associated with the gall. Zootaxa, 2907: 51-59. [Download]

* Moore, JL, Runge, MC, Webber, BL & Wilson, JRU (2011) Contain or eradicate? Optimizing the management goal for Australian acacia invasions in the face of uncertainty. Diversity and Distributions, 17: 1047-1059. [Free Download]

* Webber, BL, Yates, CJ, Le Maitre, DC, Scott, JK, Kriticos, DJ, Ota, N, McNeill, A, Le Roux, JJ & Midgley, GF (2011) Modelling horses for novel climate courses: insights from projecting potential distributions of native and alien Australian acacias with correlative and mechanistic models. Diversity and Distributions, 17: 978-1000. [Free Download]

* Webber, BL, Norton, BA & Woodrow, IE (2010) Disturbance affects spatial patterning and stand structure of a tropical rainforest tree. Austral Ecology, 35: 423-434. [Download]

* Webber, BL & McKey, D (2009) Cyanogenic myrmecophytes, redundant defence mechanisms and complementary defence syndromes: revisiting the neotropical ant-acacias. New Phytologist, 182: 792-794. [Download]

* Webber, BL & Woodrow, IE (2009) Chemical and physical plant defence across multiple ontogenetic stages in a tropical rain forest understorey tree. Journal of Ecology, 97: 761-771. [Download]

* Webber, BL & Miller, RE (2008) Gynocardin from Baileyoxylon lanceolatum and a revision of cyanogenic glycosides in Achariaceae. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 36: 545-553. [Download]

* Webber, BL, Curtis, ASO, Cassis, G & Woodrow, IE (2008) Flowering morphology, phenology and flower visitors of the Australian rainforest tree, Ryparosa kurrangii (Achariaceae). The Australian Entomologist, 35: 7-17. [Download]

* Webber, BL & Woodrow, IE (2008) Intra-plant variation in cyanogenesis and the continuum of foliar plant defense traits in the rainforest tree, Ryparosa kurrangii (Achariaceae). Tree Physiology, 28: 977-984. [Download]

* Webber, BL, Abaloz, BJ & Woodrow, IE (2007) Myrmecophilic food body production in the understorey tree, Ryparosa kurrangii (Achariaceae), a rare Australian rainforest taxon. New Phytologist, 173: 250-263. [Download] [Cover Image]

* Webber, BL, Miller, RE & Woodrow, IE (2007) Constitutive polymorphic cyanogenesis in the Australian rainforest tree, Ryparosa kurrangii (Achariaceae). Phytochemistry, 68: 2068-2074. [Download]

* Webber, BL, Moog, J, Curtis, ASO & Woodrow, IE (2007) The diversity of ant–plant interactions in the rainforest understorey tree, Ryparosa (Achariaceae): food bodies, domatia, prostomata, and hemipteran trophobionts. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 154: 353-371. [Download]

* Webber, BL & Woodrow, IE (2006) Morphological analysis and a resolution of the Ryparosa javanica species complex (Achariaceae) from Malesian and Australian tropical rainforests. Australian Systematic Botany, 19: 541-569. [Download]

* Webber, BL & Woodrow, IE (2004) Cassowary frugivory, seed defleshing and fruit fly infestation influence the transition from seed to seedling in the rare Australian rainforest tree, Ryparosa sp. nov. 1 (Achariaceae). Functional Plant Biology, 31: 505-516. [Download] [New Scientist article]

* Webber, BL, Rentz, DCF, Ueshima, N & Woodrow, IE (2003) Leucopodoptera eumundii, a new genus and species of katydid from the tropical rainforests of North Queensland, Australia (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Phaneropterinae: Holochlorini). Journal of Orthoptera Research, 12: 79-88. [Download]

Book chapters

* Webber, BL, van Klinken, RD & Scott, JK (2013) Invasive plants in a rapidly changing climate: an Australian perspective. Invasive species and climate change (ed. by L.H. Ziska and J.S. Dukes). CABI International, London.

* Döbert, TF, Webber, BL, Barnes, AD, Dickinson, KJM & Didham, RK (2013) Forest fragmentation and biodiversity conservation in human-dominated landscapes. Global forest fragmentation (ed. by C. Kettle and L.P. Koh). CABI International, Wallingford.

* Harwood, R & Webber, BL (2013) Achariaceae Flora of Thailand (ed. by T. Santisuk). NHBS Forest Herbarium, Royal Forest Department, Bangkok.

Technical reports

* Westcott, DA & Webber, BL (2009) CSIRO comment on EPBC Act policy statement 3.15 (Draft): Significant Impact Guidelines for the endangered southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius johnsonii) Wet Tropics Population. CSIRO Entomology & CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems.

* Webber, BL & Woodrow, IE (2005) Genetic diversity and plant propagation in the rare rainforest tree, Ryparosa kurrangii . Report. Australian Flora Foundation. 14pp. [Download]

Other publications

* Trudgen, MS & Webber, BL (2012) What is a native and why should we care? The Conversation. 06 September 2012. [View Article]

* Trudgen, MS & Webber, BL (2012) You're not from around here, or are you? ABC Science. 05 September 2012. [View Article]

* Webber, BL & Harris, C (2011) With rapid global change, what is a native species? The Conversation. 13 June 2011. [View Article]

* Webber, BL (2005) Plant-animal interactions and plant defence in the rainforest tree, Ryparosa. PhD Thesis, The University of Melbourne, Australia.

* Webber, BL (2005) Publish or perish: papers open doors to science careers. Science Network News. 12: 15.

* Webber, BL (1999) Cyanogenesis in the tropical rainforest tree, Ryparosa javanica. BSc Hons Thesis, The University of Melbourne, Australia.
Previous positions
2009-2012: Postdoctoral Fellow, CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship, Floreat, Australia (Lead collaborator: Dr John Scott).

2006-2008: Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive, CNRS, Montpellier, France (Lead collaborator: Prof Doyle McKey).

2005-2006: Visiting Research Fellow, School of Biological Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom (Lead collaborator: Dr Douglas Yu).
BIOL1130: Frontiers in biology
ENVT2221: Global climate change & biodiversity
Student supervision
* Melinda Trudgen: "Street trees and climate change: the invasive potential of rosewood" at The University of Western Australia, co-supervised with Hans Lambers and John Scott. Read more about Melinda's work here.

* Poasa Nauluvula: "Understanding the sensitivity of cassava, a Pacific staple crop, to rapid global climate change" at The University of the South Pacific, co-supervised with Bill Aalbersberg and Ros Gleadow.

* Timm Döbert: "Land use change and species invasion: synergistic effects of multiple drivers of global change on species interaction networks" at The University of Western Australia, co-supervised with Raphael Didham and Kath Dickinson. Read more about Timm's work here.

* Edward Tsen: "Landscape connectivity and keystone frugivores: implications for the rare rainforest tree Ryparosa kurrangii" at The University of Melbourne, co-supervised with Ian Woodrow. Read more about Edward's work here.
Research group alumni
* Samantha Harris-Wetherbee (2013) "Ontogenetic defence trajectories in the rainforest sub-canopy tree, Ryparosa kurrangii" MSc, The University of Melbourne, co-supervised with Ian Woodrow.

* Nikolai MacNee (2013) "Responses of Cassava and Taro to elevated carbon dioxide" BSc(Hons), Monash University, co-supervised with Ros Gleadow and Cecilia Blomstedt.

* Leonard Tan (2013) "Does competition with native plants limit the invasion risk of Tipuana tipu in south-western Australia?" BSc(Hons), The University of Western Australia, co-supervised with Hans Lambers.
Current external positions
CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences: Senior Research Scientist
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* Bruce Webber @ Google Scholar

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* CliMond climate data
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