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Bruce Webber

Adj/A/Prof Bruce Webber

Adjunct Associate Professor
Adjunct, Honorary and Visiting Staff (Plant Biology)

Contact details
Adjunct, Honorary and Visiting Staff (Plant Biology)
The University of Western Australia
c/o CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences
Private Bag 5, WEMBLEY WA 6913
+61 8 9333 6802
+61 8 9333 6646
My research team explores the effect of rapid global change on plant-resource allocation and plant-ecosystem interactions. With interests in invasion science, conservation biology and food security, we apply an ecophysiological approach to address questions relating to the effect of climate change on invasive plants, the implications of landscape connectivity and fragmentation on both invasive and threatened plant populations, and the effect of climate change on crop yield and nutritional value.
Key research
competition dynamics of plant invasions
global change impacts on plants (climate change, landscape modification)
plant-animal interactions (plant defence mechanisms, ant-plant mutualisms, plant food rewards)
Ryparosa (Achariaceae) taxonomy
Refereed papers

* Ward, SM, Cousens, RD, Bagavathiannan, MV, Barney, JN, Beckie, HJ, Busi, R, Davis, AS, Dukes, JS, Forcella, F, Freckleton, RP, Gallandt, ER, Hall, LM, Jasieniuk, M, Lawton-Rauh, A, Lehnhoff, EA, Liebman, M, Maxwell, BD, Mesgaran, MB, Murray, JV, Neve, P, Nunez, MA, Pauchard, A, Queenborough, SA and Webber, BL (2014) Agricultural weed research: a critique and two proposals. Weed Science, (In press).

* Mesgaran, MB, Cousens, RD & Webber, BL (2014) Here be dragons: a tool for quantifying novelty due to covariate range and correlation change when projecting species distribution models. Diversity and Distributions, (Online early; DOI: 10.1111/ddi.12209). [Download]

* Wilson, JRU, Caplat, P, Dickie, IA, Hui, C, Maxwell, BD, Nuñez, MA, Pauchard, A, Rejmánek, M, Richardson, DM, Robertson, MP, Spear, D, Webber, BL, van Wilgen, BW & Zenni, RD (2014) A standardized set of metrics to assess and monitor tree invasions. Biological Invasions, 16: 535-551. [Download]

* Donaldson, JE, Hui, C, Richardson, DM, Robertson, MP, Webber, BL & Wilson, JRU (2014) Invasion trajectory of alien trees: the role of introduction pathway and planting history. Global Change Biology, 20: 1527-1537. [Download]

* Kriticos, DJ, Le Maitre, DC & Webber, BL (2013) Essential elements of discourse for advancing the modelling of species' current and potential distributions. Journal of Biogeography, 40: 608-611. [Download]

* Webber, BL, Le Maitre, DC & Kriticos, DJ (2012) Technical comment on “Climatic niche shifts are rare among terrestrial plant invaders”. Science, 338: 193. [Download]

* Scott, JK, Jourdan, M, Morin, L, Webber, BL, Yeoh, PB, Ebeling, SK & Cousens, R (2012) Sea spurge, Euphorbia paralias, ecological assessment and testing of biological control agents. Proceedings of the 18th Australasian Weeds Conference, p 375. [Free Download].

* Murray, JV, Lehnhoff, EA, Neve, P, Poggio, SL & Webber, BL (2012) 'Raising the bar': improving the standard and utility of weed and invasive plant research. New Phytologist, 196: 678-680. [Free Download].

* Trudgen, MS, Webber, BL & Scott, JK (2012) Human-mediated introduction of Livistona palms into central Australia: conservation and management implications. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 279: 4115-4117. [Download] [Media Release] [ECOS magazine article] [The Conversation article] [ABC Science article] [The Australian article].

* Conn, BJ, Hadiah, JT & Webber, BL (2012) The status of Cecropia introductions in Malesia: addressing the confusion. Blumea, 57: 136-142. [Download]

* Webber, BL, Scott, JK & Didham, RK (2012) Australia: small steps to control invasives. Nature, 482: 471. [Download]

* Webber, BL & Scott, JK (2012) Rapid global change: implications for defining natives and aliens. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 21: 305-311. [Download] [Cover Image] [The Conversation article]

* Kriticos, DJ, Webber, BL, Leriche, A, Ota, N, Macadam, I, Bathols, J & Scott, JK (2012) CliMond: global high-resolution historical and future scenario climate surfaces for bioclimatic modelling. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 3: 53-64. [Free Download] [CliMond website]

* Webber, BL, Born, C, Conn, BJ, Hadiah, JT & Zalamea, P-C (2011) What is in a name? That which we call Cecropia peltata by any other name would be as invasive? Plant Ecology and Diversity, 4: 289-293. [Download]

* Webber, BL, Scott, JK & Didham, RK (2011) Translocation or bust! A new acclimatization agenda for the 21st century? Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 26: 495-496. [Download]

* Thompson, GD, Robertson, MP, Webber, BL, Richardson, DM, Le Roux, JJ & Wilson, JRU (2011) Predicting the subspecific identity of invasive species using distribution models: Acacia saligna as an example. Diversity and Distributions, 17: 1001-1014. [Free Download]

* Rasplus, J-Y, La Salle, J, Delvare, G, McKey, D & Webber, BL (2011) A new Afrotropical genus and species of Tetrastichinae (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) inducing galls on Bikinia (Leguminosae : Caesalpinioideae) and a new species of Ormyrus (Hymenoptera: Ormyridae) associated with the gall. Zootaxa, 2907: 51-59. [Download]

* Moore, JL, Runge, MC, Webber, BL & Wilson, JRU (2011) Contain or eradicate? Optimizing the management goal for Australian acacia invasions in the face of uncertainty. Diversity and Distributions, 17: 1047-1059. [Free Download]

* Webber, BL, Yates, CJ, Le Maitre, DC, Scott, JK, Kriticos, DJ, Ota, N, McNeill, A, Le Roux, JJ & Midgley, GF (2011) Modelling horses for novel climate courses: insights from projecting potential distributions of native and alien Australian acacias with correlative and mechanistic models. Diversity and Distributions, 17: 978-1000. [Free Download]

* Webber, BL, Norton, BA & Woodrow, IE (2010) Disturbance affects spatial patterning and stand structure of a tropical rainforest tree. Austral Ecology, 35: 423-434. [Download]

* Webber, BL & McKey, D (2009) Cyanogenic myrmecophytes, redundant defence mechanisms and complementary defence syndromes: revisiting the neotropical ant-acacias. New Phytologist, 182: 792-794. [Download]

* Webber, BL & Woodrow, IE (2009) Chemical and physical plant defence across multiple ontogenetic stages in a tropical rain forest understorey tree. Journal of Ecology, 97: 761-771. [Download]

* Webber, BL & Miller, RE (2008) Gynocardin from Baileyoxylon lanceolatum and a revision of cyanogenic glycosides in Achariaceae. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 36: 545-553. [Download]

* Webber, BL, Curtis, ASO, Cassis, G & Woodrow, IE (2008) Flowering morphology, phenology and flower visitors of the Australian rainforest tree, Ryparosa kurrangii (Achariaceae). The Australian Entomologist, 35: 7-17. [Download]

* Webber, BL & Woodrow, IE (2008) Intra-plant variation in cyanogenesis and the continuum of foliar plant defense traits in the rainforest tree, Ryparosa kurrangii (Achariaceae). Tree Physiology, 28: 977-984. [Download]

* Webber, BL, Abaloz, BJ & Woodrow, IE (2007) Myrmecophilic food body production in the understorey tree, Ryparosa kurrangii (Achariaceae), a rare Australian rainforest taxon. New Phytologist, 173: 250-263. [Download] [Cover Image]

* Webber, BL, Miller, RE & Woodrow, IE (2007) Constitutive polymorphic cyanogenesis in the Australian rainforest tree, Ryparosa kurrangii (Achariaceae). Phytochemistry, 68: 2068-2074. [Download]

* Webber, BL, Moog, J, Curtis, ASO & Woodrow, IE (2007) The diversity of ant–plant interactions in the rainforest understorey tree, Ryparosa (Achariaceae): food bodies, domatia, prostomata, and hemipteran trophobionts. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 154: 353-371. [Download]

* Webber, BL & Woodrow, IE (2006) Morphological analysis and a resolution of the Ryparosa javanica species complex (Achariaceae) from Malesian and Australian tropical rainforests. Australian Systematic Botany, 19: 541-569. [Download]

* Webber, BL & Woodrow, IE (2004) Cassowary frugivory, seed defleshing and fruit fly infestation influence the transition from seed to seedling in the rare Australian rainforest tree, Ryparosa sp. nov. 1 (Achariaceae). Functional Plant Biology, 31: 505-516. [Download] [New Scientist article]

* Webber, BL, Rentz, DCF, Ueshima, N & Woodrow, IE (2003) Leucopodoptera eumundii, a new genus and species of katydid from the tropical rainforests of North Queensland, Australia (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Phaneropterinae: Holochlorini). Journal of Orthoptera Research, 12: 79-88. [Download]

Book chapters

* Webber, BL, van Klinken, RD & Scott, JK (2014) Invasive plants in a rapidly changing climate: an Australian perspective. Invasive species and climate change (ed. by L.H. Ziska and J.S. Dukes). CABI International, London.

* Döbert, TF, Webber, BL, Barnes, AD, Dickinson, KJM & Didham, RK (2014) Forest fragmentation and biodiversity conservation in human-dominated landscapes. Global forest fragmentation (ed. by C. Kettle and L.P. Koh). CABI International, Wallingford.

* Harwood, R & Webber, BL (2014) Achariaceae Flora of Thailand (ed. by T. Santisuk). NHBS Forest Herbarium, Royal Forest Department, Bangkok.

Technical reports

* Westcott, DA & Webber, BL (2009) CSIRO comment on EPBC Act policy statement 3.15 (Draft): Significant Impact Guidelines for the endangered southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius johnsonii) Wet Tropics Population. CSIRO Entomology & CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems.

* Webber, BL & Woodrow, IE (2005) Genetic diversity and plant propagation in the rare rainforest tree, Ryparosa kurrangii . Report. Australian Flora Foundation. 14pp. [Download]

Other publications

* Trudgen, MS & Webber, BL (2012) What is a native and why should we care? The Conversation. 06 September 2012. [View Article]

* Trudgen, MS & Webber, BL (2012) You're not from around here, or are you? ABC Science. 05 September 2012. [View Article]

* Webber, BL & Harris, C (2011) With rapid global change, what is a native species? The Conversation. 13 June 2011. [View Article]

* Webber, BL (2005) Plant-animal interactions and plant defence in the rainforest tree, Ryparosa. PhD Thesis, The University of Melbourne, Australia.

* Webber, BL (2005) Publish or perish: papers open doors to science careers. Science Network News. 12: 15.

* Webber, BL (1999) Cyanogenesis in the tropical rainforest tree, Ryparosa javanica. BSc Hons Thesis, The University of Melbourne, Australia.
Previous positions
2009-2012: Postdoctoral Fellow, CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship, Floreat, Australia (Lead collaborator: Dr John Scott).

2006-2008: Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive, CNRS, Montpellier, France (Lead collaborator: Prof Doyle McKey).

2005-2006: Visiting Research Fellow, School of Biological Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom (Lead collaborator: Dr Douglas Yu).
BIOL1130: Frontiers in biology

ENVT2221: Global climate change & biodiversity
Student supervision
* Melinda Trudgen: "Street trees and climate change: the invasive potential of rosewood" at The University of Western Australia, co-supervised with Hans Lambers and John Scott. Read more about Melinda's work here.

* Poasa Nauluvula: "Understanding the sensitivity of cassava, a Pacific staple crop, to rapid global climate change" at The University of the South Pacific, co-supervised with Bill Aalbersberg and Ros Gleadow.

* Timm Döbert: "Land use change and species invasion: synergistic effects of multiple drivers of global change on species interaction networks" at The University of Western Australia, co-supervised with Raphael Didham and Kath Dickinson. Read more about Timm's work here.

* Edward Tsen: "Landscape connectivity and keystone frugivores: implications for the rare rainforest tree Ryparosa kurrangii" at The University of Melbourne, co-supervised with Ian Woodrow. Read more about Edward's work here.
Research group alumni
* Samantha Harris-Wetherbee (2013) "Ontogenetic defence trajectories in the rainforest sub-canopy tree, Ryparosa kurrangii" MSc, The University of Melbourne, co-supervised with Ian Woodrow.

* Nikolai MacNee (2013) "Responses of Cassava and Taro to elevated carbon dioxide" BSc(Hons), Monash University, co-supervised with Ros Gleadow and Cecilia Blomstedt.

* Leonard Tan (2013) "Does competition with native plants limit the invasion risk of Tipuana tipu in south-western Australia?" BSc(Hons), The University of Western Australia, co-supervised with Hans Lambers.
Current external positions
CSIRO Land & Water Flagship: Senior Research Scientist
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* Bruce Webber @ Google Scholar

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* CliMond climate data
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