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Water droplet on plants

Plants are in touch with the world around them

24 May 2016

The simple act of water droplets landing on a leaf causes an elaborate response inside of plants, scientists at UWA have found.


'Flaming' technique assits mine site rehab

23 May 2016

Researchers have invented a new technique for ‘flaming’ wild seeds that could allow them to be used more easily in replanting large tracts of land such as reclaimed mine sites.

Sea turtle

Scientists measure impact of light on sea turtles

19 May 2016

Researchers have found new evidence that there is an impact from artificial light on the survival of wild sea turtle hatchlings.

Child and dog

Kids with dogs more likely to be independent

17 May 2016

Children with an older sibling and/or a dog are more likely to be allowed to walk around their neighbourhood on their own, according to new research led by The University of Western Australia.

Bristol PhD student Xiaogang Qiang

Researchers test new wave of supercomputers

17 May 2016

Researchers from The University of Western Australia and the University of Bristol have made an exciting breakthrough in advancing a new wave of ‘supercomputers’ by testing an early prototype of a quantum computer.

Mouse Placenta

Study pinpoints placenta as treatment target

17 May 2016

A new study has found the placenta may play a more crucial role than previously thought in influencing babies’ health throughout pregnancy.


UWA is engaged with our local and international communities through education, research, vibrant events and cultural activities.


Cannabis use linked to gene mutation

24 May 2016

Scientists have identified how using cannabis can alter a person’s DNA structure, causing mutations which can expose them to serious illnesses, and be passed on to their children and several future generations.

Suburban Sexscapes

Suburban Sexscapes wins National Planning Award

24 May 2016

Australia’s first edited book about urban planning and the sex industry has received national recognition from the Planning Institute of Australia.

Rainbow flag

UWA named top employer for LGBTI inclusion

20 May 2016

UWA has been ranked in the top five employers for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) inclusion by the Australian Workplace Equality Index.

Stephen Smith

Feeding the Zone

16 May 2016

Speakers at an In the Zone conference say the Indo-Pacific region’s agricultural needs will need international co-operation to find shared solutions for the zone’s shared problems.

Running man

UWA takes on the Running Man Challenge

12 May 2016

Today UWA took part in the challenge with staff and students from around the campus getting involved, including star performers from UWA’s Recreation and Fitness Centre and Dance UWA.

Active Percussion

Love to hear percussion

06 May 2016

A free music workshop held at UWA’s School of Music in collaboration with Activ Foundation gave people living with a disability the opportunity to participate in a fun percussion exercise.

Indigenous Commitment

The University is committed to enrolling and graduating the highest quality students and recruiting, developing and retaining the highest quality staff.