Global Partnerships and Engagement

As an authoritative global leader in education, and cross-disciplinary and translatable research, we will forge and nurture strong, deep partnerships that reinforce our position as the fulcrum of the Indian Ocean Rim.

  • Be the pre-eminent academic leader in the Indian Ocean Rim.
  • Build deeper and broader partnerships with industry, governments and not-for-profits to inform and translate our research.
  • Engage openly and ensure our research benefits the widest possible range of communities.


Expand our positive influence in the region and be globally relevant.

We will play a pivotal role in solving the Grand Challenges facing the planet, becoming the pre-eminent university partner for organisations tackling the world’s most exciting and complex research.

Our openness, accessibility and values will help us nurture deep and trusting relationships with national and international organisations and forge new alliances as opportunities arise. In particular, we will expand and strengthen our partnerships in the Indian Ocean Rim, becoming a pivotal knowledge hub for the region. These relationships will guide our research priorities and help foster tangible, real-world benefits.

We will leverage our existing involvement with the Australia India Institute, the Perth USAsia Centre, our global university networks and bilateral partnerships to extend our regional and global relevance. The UWA Public Policy Institute will help UWA become the region’s leader in policy research and advice.

We will bring our network together and learn from each other's achievements.

Invest in a meaningfully connected alumni

Our alumni will remain enthusiastically connected to the University, to each other and to our students, throughout their lives. We will encourage and support an active worldwide alumni network to guide and test our research ideas. By inviting our alumni to participate in the University’s research and teaching, we will give our students unparalleled access to an incredible network of global expertise and leadership.

Our alumni will hold a deep affection for UWA that stems from a shared educational experience and shared values, and they will return throughout their careers to collaborate and learn.

We will bring our network together to celebrate and learn from each other’s achievements.

Be the pre-eminent partner for industry, government and the community

We will be open to exciting new ways of engaging with industry, government and the community – working collaboratively, inviting our partners onto campus, and working at their facilities too. Our openness, research excellence, infrastructure and external perspectives will make us the first-choice partner for collaboration.

Our partnerships with industry – globally, in regional WA and in the Indian Ocean Rim – will help turn our research into real-world benefits faster and more effectively. We will pursue and engage in more revolutionary partnerships, leveraging the success of existing examples supporting the state’s burgeoning life sciences sector. We will partner on research training, including expanding our program of industry PhDs.

The Perth Festival will attract and engage new participants, expanding the ways people interact with art. Our unique cultural collections will be available to experience and study, anywhere in the world.

We will recognise and engage genuinely with the traditional custodians of this land, Indigenous people, to build authentic and lasting connections.

Expand and enhance our external engagement

We will find new ways to meaningfully and effectively communicate to ensure we attract and welcome staff and students who are as diverse and complex as the communities we serve.

We will recognise and engage genuinely with the traditional custodians of this land, Indigenous people, to build authentic and lasting connections.

We will engage with communities and organisations and develop an extended range of courses and programs that are relevant to and reflect their needs.

Measures of success

  • Greater numbers of active industry partnerships.
  • Increased commercial, partnership and other non-grant income.
  • Expansion of the database of contactable alumni and improvements in their emotional investment measures.
  • Broadened and diversified membership of international panels, advisory bodies and working groups.
  • Increased numbers of cultural collections digitised.
  • Greater attendance and satisfaction with cultural activities.