University Theatres

The University of Western Australia’s Perth campus is a distinctive mix of heritage architecture and contemporary buildings set among beautiful gardens and open spaces.

University Theatres’ venues are a focal point for events, performances and activations.


UWA is home to some of Australia's most exciting venues, from the cathedral-like Winthrop Hall, to the spectacular Somerville Auditorium.

Attending a show

Information about access, parking, food options and more to make the very best of your experience at our world-class venues.

Access and parking

University Theatres is five minutes from the city. Directions to UWA are available, and individual venues can be located on the campus map. There is some parking available.

UWA Parking

Food and dining

University Theatres offers excellent bar service in all venues. We do not provide food service; however, there are plenty of dining options nearby. You can also organise a function with friends or colleagues at interval or after the show.

The University Club of Western Australia

Lost property

Phone 08 6488 7092 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Your lost property is more likely to be found and returned to you if you:

  1. Phone 08 6488 7092 as soon as you notice it is missing
  2. Tell us the name, date and time of the event you attended
  3. Accurately describe your lost item


If you have an event that requires ticketing, we offer this service paired with a powerful system to create a streamlined ticketing experience for you and your patrons.

Learn more about ticketing


UWA's picturesque campus makes it a popular location for filming and photography. With a diverse range of locations indoors and out, UWA has been the setting for many print and TV adverts, short films and student projects.

Private photography and filming
The University campus is open to the public to enjoy at any time. Non-commercial photography and filming for personal use is permitted provided it causes no disruption to others.
Photography as part of a campus wedding ceremony
Wedding ceremonies on campus include a complimentary 1-hour photography ticket. Find out more about having your wedding ceremony at UWA.
Commercial photography for private use

Such as wedding photography.

Commercial photography for private use, whether by you or by a photographer you engage, requires a Photography Ticket, bought online. On the day, patrolling security staff will ask to see your Ticket.

Photography Tickets are only available when the University schedule allows. Exams, graduation ceremonies and other major events will take precedence. Tickets are valid for 1 hour on a specific day and there is a cap on the number of Tickets issued each day.

We recommend you read the Photography Frequently Asked Questions:

Photography  FAQs (PDF 200KB)


All other commercial photography and filming

Contact University Theatres on +61 (0) 8 6488 7407 or on [email protected] to discuss your needs. When the details of your request have been agreed, a location agreement must be signed and returned with payment prior to the filming date.;

All requests must be made at least 14 days in advance and all invoices must be paid prior to filming. We recommend you read the Location Agreement Information Sheet:

Location agreement information (PDF 94.1KB).

Contact us

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Phone: (+61 8) 6488 2440 - 12pm to 4pm, Mon - Fri

[email protected]