As Western Australia's oldest university, UWA has a rich and fascinating history.

The University of Western Australia Act 1911 is passed by Parliament
63% male
37% female
Total enrolments 184
Teaching begins at the temporary site in Irwin St, Perth
The Student Guild and Extension Studies are established
Three founding faculties: Arts, Science and Engineering
The founding bequest of £425,000 ($32 million in today’s money) is given by The Hon. Sir John Winthrop Hackett
Margaret Fairweather is one of the first women to graduate (Bachelor of Arts with honours in English and Economics)
A 999-year lease is signed for UWA’s Crawley site (now Perth)
59% male
41% female
Total enrolments 332
The University acquires the Crawley Park Homestead, which is later renamed Shenton House.
Now a heritage-listed building, it is home to the School of Indigenous Studies
The first issue of PROSH, originally called SRUSS-SRUSS, is published
The controversial yet popular student newspaper continues to be produced annually to raise money for charities
Engineering students help to dig the Reflection Pond to ensure it’s finished in time for the opening of Winthrop Hall
The University Camp for Kids, recognised as Perth’s oldest registered children’s charity, is initiated 
61% male
39% female
Total enrolments 984
William Somerville’s ‘cathedral of trees’ is opened as an outdoor venue, later to be called Somerville Auditorium
The Perth International Arts Festival is launched, founded by Professor Fred Alexander, then Dean of the Faculty of Arts
Teaching begins in Medicine
Mary Raine’s bequest, the largest ever received by the University to fund medical research, establishes The Raine Foundation
76% male
24% female
Total enrolments 3508
Western Australia’s first computer, the IBM 1620, is delivered to the University
Susan Boyd becomes the first female Guild President and the first female president of a student organisation in Australia
The Berndt Museum of Anthropology is formally established;
the core collection is obtained by Emeritus Professor Ronald and Dr Catherine Berndt
Peacocks are introduced to the campus by a landscape designer
60% male
40% female
Total enrolments 9791
Robert James Lee (Bob) Hawke, previous Guild President and UWA graduate,
is elected Prime Minister of Australia (1983-1991), the first from UWA
Professor Helen Milroy graduates and is recognised as the first Indigenous medical graduate in Australia
The Lions Club, with UWA, establishes The Lions Eye Institute
An original Irwin St building is moved to the Crawley (now Perth) campus. It is still in use today, adjacent to James Oval
Professor Fay Gale is appointed as UWA’s first female Vice-Chancellor (1990-1997)
The Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery opens as the first art museum built at an Australian university
Telethon Institute for Child Health Research is founded by UWA’s Winthrop Professor Fiona Stanley
Graduate Carmen Lawrence becomes Premier of Western Australia (1990 – 1993) and the first woman
to become a premier of a state of the Commonwealth of Australia
49% male
51% female
Total enrolments 13,503
UWA academic Professor Barry Marshall and Emeritus Professor Robin Warren, a pathologist at Royal Perth Hospital,
are awarded the 2005 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discovery of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori
50.8% male
49.2% female
Total enrolments 22, 159
The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research – a joint venture featuring UWA –
announces the Square Kilometre Array (SKA).
The new radio telescope will be capable of seeing the early stages of the formation of galaxies, stars and planets
UWA celebrates its centenary
Claire McGlew becomes the first blind person to graduate as a music teacher from
UWA after completing her Bachelor of Music Education
A team led by UWA’s Associate Professor Robert McLaughlin and Professor David Sampson
develops the world’s smallest handheld microscope – tiny enough to fit into a needle and used to treat cancer
Led by Professor David Blair, UWA scientists help an international project team to detect gravitational waves
for the first time in history, confirming a major prediction of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity
50.4% male
49.6% female
Total enrolments 24,161