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5 lessons a degree in optometry will help you learn

01/03/2024 |

Studying a Doctor of Optometry is an exciting journey and getting to the end of the degree is a milestone achievement! What better time is there to reflect than at UWA graduations? Honorary Doctorate Donald (Don) Eziekel and Valedictorian Dr Pariya Ghanbari did just that in their valedictory and honorary doctorate speeches. 

To inspire any future students looking to join us at UWA or to motivate any current students making their way through the degree, we’ve pulled our 5 favourite lessons from their wise words. 

1. A commitment to clarity

Deciding to study optometry is not just a career path, it’s a commitment to provide clarity and hope to those who are facing vision impairment and/or ocular challenges. From fitting lenses for visually impaired infants to contributing to medical advancements in the field, optometrists have the exciting opportunity to positively affect the lives of others.  

2. Innovation is the cornerstone of optometry

Optometry is not a static job – it’s a commitment to the improvement and innovation for the continuous betterment of patient care. Optometry students at UWA stand on the shoulders of trailblazers, who push boundaries in their field. Students are encouraged to embrace a mindset where anything is possible, as the spirit of innovation is integral for staying at the forefront of technological and medical advancements in the field. 

3. Teamwork and global collaboration in optometry are crucial

Optometrists do not work in isolation – they work as part of an interconnected network that have a shared goal and commitment to elevate healthcare standards globally, offering a global perspective on vision care. As valedictorian Pariya wisely said, “being smart together is way more fun than being smart alone”.

"Being smart together is way more fun than being smart alone."

Dr Pariya Ghanbari, UWA optometry graduate class of 2023

4. Optometry is a harmonious blend of science and compassion

Optometry, like many health courses, seamlessly blends science and compassion. Beyond the technical aspects of the course, a passion for making a difference is important. This can be achieved by approaching work with a deep sense of compassion and recognising that the profession goes beyond just providing medical solutions – it is also about enhancing the medical well-being of those in need.

5. Learn and connect with trailblazers in the field 

At UWA, you’ll learn from renowned experts in their field who have contributed positively to the world of optometry through philanthropy and/or research. By learning form the achievements of those who have paved the way, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to contribute to the evolution of the profession.  

We congratulate our graduating class for this momentous achievement and wish them the best as they enter the exciting profession of optometry. 

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