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Meet the interns

08/09/2021 |
3 mins

Hear from recent UWA McCusker Centre for Citizenship interns about the employability skills and experiences they gained through their internships with industry.



But first, what is the UWA McCusker Centre for Citizenship and what’s different about their internships?

The McCusker Centre for Citizenship at UWA was formed in 2015 and just last year celebrated 1,000 student internships. A McCusker internship is unique as there is a strong focus on developing students’ skills and knowledge to be active citizens. The internship programs are very structured and supported, with check-ins and learning activities that will require you to reflect on your capacity to make a positive contribution to society throughout the experience.

So, what do students say about their internships?

“Through this internship, I have successfully attained a position at Inclusion Solution’s sister organisation, Inclusion WA, where I will work as a mentor for people with disabilities to try to promote social inclusion in a one-on-one capacity, which I am very excited to begin.”

Conor O’Sullivan, intern at Inclusion Solutions

“The McCusker Centre for Citizenship program provided an avenue to get firsthand experience and a chance to put my education, communication and research skills to use in a productive and meaningful way.”

Antonio, intern at City of Armadale


“I would recommend anyone undertake this internship as it gives you the opportunity to peek into the work industry and how to develop professional skills. Depending on your contract with the host organisation, you can put forth your own ideas, experience the process of how it will develop and see the outcomes, which has been such an exciting journey when you know you are actively engaged in shaping the world for the better.”

Ulani (pictured), intern at Spectrum Space 

“I learnt a lot from industry professionals with regards to the importance of developing and implementing policies to fortify environmental sustainability.” 

Sayuri, intern at WA Department of Fire and Emergency Services 


What impact have interns made?

Andrew intern

UWA Business Law student Matthew Bryan researched and summarised case law for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) disputes and built a database for solicitors and disability advocates.

“Ultimately, I hope my internship project will help people with disabilities to receive the funding that they need to lead included, happy and meaningful lives. Beyond the general satisfaction that is inherent to helping disadvantaged people, I’m thankful for the exposure that working in a functioning legal office will give me.”

Student intern Andrew Thomson (pictured) completed a background research report as part of the Ombudsman WA’s current investigation into homelessness. The UWA Master of International Development graduate researched and reviewed Housing First policies around the world during his 100-hour internship.

“My research brief will be used to provide insight into the homelessness initiatives implemented around the world that focus on providing safe and permanent housing as the first priority for people experiencing homelessness.”

Ready to make a difference?

You can undertake an internship by enrolling in the UWA McCusker Centre for Citizenship Internship unit. Internships are very popular, so your first step is to check with your Student Advising Office for more information. Interns are selected on a competitive basis and then matched to suitable roles. To find out more and to check your eligibility, visit the Internship page on the UWA McCusker Centre for Citizenship website. You can also hear from other interns and read their stories.

Hannah Klein,

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