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Why you should take a language as your second major or minor

01/02/2021 |

Looking for an enjoyable second major or minor to fill up your study plan? A language could be the perfect fit.

UWA has the state’s biggest language hub, with four Asian, four European and two Classical languages on offer. 

Here are five great reasons to include a language in your degree:

1. A language can complement your other subjects


Learning a language can help you get more out of your first major. 

For example:

  • Paired with a business or commerce major, you could take Chinese, Indonesian or Japanese to gain insight into the culture of some of Australia’s nearest neighbours (and major players in the global economy).
  • Paired with music, you could take Italian or German to understand the musical terminology used by composers and the words of major classical vocal works.
  • Paired with biomedical science, you could take Latin to understand the root words used in medical terminology.

2. Widen your options for exchange


Want to study overseas once the borders open? By learning a language, you’ll open up options beyond English-speaking countries. Study marketing in a fashion capital like Milan or Paris; go skiing on weekends while progressing your science studies in Japan; hike the Andes on your breaks from studying politics in South America…the options are endless!

3. Stand out to employers

Learning a language shows dedication, analytical skills and cultural awareness – all attractive qualities to employers in any field. Having language skills on your CV will set you apart, especially if you want to work in an organisation that’s based overseas or has strong international links.

4. Gain a lifelong skill

Whether or not you end up using your language in the workplace, it’s a skill that will benefit you throughout life. Travel other countries with ease, enjoy great works of literature and film in their original format and make friends with people around the world.

5. Have fun

Studying a language isn’t all about grammar. You’ll have conversation classes that are all about getting to know your peers (and practising your speaking skills) and may get to watch movies for uni purposes! 

Plus, you can get involved in the language and cultural clubs on campus to practise with your fellow learners and native speakers. They run heaps of social events to help build your skills and immerse you in the culture.

Keen to get started? Explore our range of languages.

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