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Where could an Arts degree take me?

29/09/2020 |

What do you study when you want to:

a) make a difference in communities around the globe 
b) find lifelong career success in government, education, business or the media, and
c) gain real-world experience, industry connections and hands-on learning?

A degree in Arts, of course! 

Unless you’re a die-hard fan of Academy Award-winning artist, writer and filmmaker Shaun Tan, comedy musician Tim Minchin or Mecca Cosmetica founder Jo Horgan, it’s not widely known where our arts graduates go.

So, to shed some light, let’s meet three inspiring UWA arts grads who achieved big things after completing their degrees. 

Meet Andrew - Associate Television Producer, Singapore
Bachelor of Arts ‘18 (Communication and Media Studies) 

“Since my graduation from UWA in December 2018, I’ve joined a local media production company in Singapore. I have since been involved as an associate producer in various documentary filmmaking productions, which have broadcasted for networks such as Channel NewsAsia and National Geographic.

The visual language of film and photography is my passion amongst many others. The idea of creating content that engages with the audience, with stories from the various reaches of the world, is an exciting one. This was one of the reasons why I really enjoyed my time at UWA as it gave me new experiences and road trips around the best sunsets WA can offer.

The experience of being involved in both university and college events really opened my eyes to how big and yet small the world is. I made new friends both on campus and in college that taught me new things and new perspectives that I otherwise would never have imagined in my part of the globe."

Meet Patrick - Assistant Curator, Western Australian Museum 
Bachelor of Science ‘18, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) ‘19 (Archaeology) 

“I started studying straight after high school in 2016. My undergraduate majors were Neuroscience and Archaeology, and in 2019, I completed honours in archaeology. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at UWA and have especially fond memories of travelling for both archaeological field trips and debating competitions. I studied neuroscience after falling in love with it during the Brain Bee at high school, organised by Jenny Rodger at UWA.  My second major became archaeology after a very interesting first-year class with Sven Ouzman, where I ended up sourcing and firing my own clay tablet for an assignment.

I was lucky enough to get a job at the Museum straight after graduation. I have remained connected to UWA since then, especially as I finish publishing work that I completed during my honours year.”

Meet Amy - Program Support Coordinator, DVassist
Bachelor of Arts ‘19 (Political Science and International Relations, Law and Society)

“Since graduating, I have worked as the Research Officer and Program Support Coordinator at DVassist, an organisation supporting those experiencing domestic and family violence in regional, rural and remote Western Australia. 

UWA equipped me with the skills and experiences that have shaped my chosen career path. While I was there, I was able to complete an exchange to the University of York where I was able to learn from an entirely different perspective.

I continue to work with UWA even after graduating. I am involved in the Career Mentor Link Program where I mentor a student in their career development.

My passion is to empower those to speak, not to speak for them. I hope that I can use my skills to empower people with lived experiences of injustice and inequality to develop their own organisations, causes or voices to empower others who are similarly impacted.”

Feeling inspired? We sure are! If you’re interested in a career in the arts, why not consider studying our Bachelor of Arts and brand new Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics or Economics? Feel free to check out our Career Mentor Link program which matches professionals in industry with UWA students, providing students with industry knowledge and career experience from their mentors.  

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