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Adulting – plus seven other units you won't believe you can study

18/05/2020 |

So what are you studying?

It’s the first question most people ask when they find out you’re at uni. While there’s nothing wrong with saying ‘Law’, ‘Medicine’, ‘English’ or ‘Marketing’, it’s more fun to hit them with some of the more unusual units you could be studying at UWA…

Metaphysics: a User's Guide to Time Travel


What if you travelled back in time to get Shakespeare to sign your copy of his Complete Works only to find he never existed? What if you then took his place, ‘writing’ his plays yourself by copying them out of your book? Who came up with the words originally? Get stuck into the metaphysical issues every good time traveller should know about…and if you don’t understand something, go back and do it again. TARDIS not included.

Learn more about Metaphysics: a User's Guide to Time Travel

Drugs that Changed the World

Thought catalog


One of the few times you can mix beer and antibiotics. Find out the stories of alcohol and penicillin and their impact on history. Or learn about everything from nitroglycerin to the Pill (you can decide for yourself which of those two caused the biggest explosion in society).

Learn more about Drugs that Changed the World

Logic: How to Defeat Your Foes with Reasoning

Defeating your foes 792x528

Sick of always losing arguments? Well now you can leave people slack-jawed and speechless in the face of your rock-solid reasoning. This unit will give you all the skills you’ll need to make your point of view persuasive and compelling. So, have we talked you into it?

Learn more about Logic: How to Defeat Your Foes with Reasoning

Netflicks: Cinema and Long-form Television


Learn about the shift from big-screen viewing to squinting at your mobile, and how the new Golden Age of TV has overtaken cinema. Warning: assessments for this unit do not include binge-watching Game of Thrones (although to be honest, you’ve probably done enough homework on that already).

Learn more about Netflicks: Cinema and Long-form Television

Music in Film, TV and Video Games


Imagine Darth Vader without his menacing theme music. Or Titanic without Celine Dion. The point is, music and the moving image go together like Thriller and dancing zombies – this unit looks at how they’ve been teamed in everything from silent movies to video games.

Learn more about Music in Film, TV and Video Games

Mysteries of Forensic Science


Can you see yourself catching bad guys like they do in CSI or Bones? This unit has you covered like one of those disposable crime-scene suits. Learn the skills and techniques used in forensic science and hear from leading Western Australians in the field – including the State’s police forensic section.

Learn more about Mysteries of Forensic Science

Adulting: Law for Everyday Lives

Being an adult takes skill, and yes, there is a trick to it. While it doesn’t cover the basics (getting out of bed, putting on clothes, having breakfast), this unit will teach you how to navigate real-world issues such as working, renting, purchasing goods and services, and driving, all from a legal point of view. It’s like a cheat sheet for life.

Learn more about Adulting: Law for Everyday Lives

Designing Play

Dungeons and Dragons

Dice, dice, baby. When it comes to fun, video games don’t have the Monopoly. From chess to draughts to Dungeons and Dragons, games have captivated us for way longer than the Xbox or PlayStation. Explore the design, production and use of games, and how they affect our lives. And it’s fine if you’re more about Fortnite than Jenga – the unit looks at video games too.

Learn more about Designing Play

Not tempted by any of those?

We have more than 4,000 other units to choose from – visit to explore the options or contact our friendly Future Students team to help match your interests to your degree on 131 UWA (892) or [email protected].

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