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An anchored and guided student experience through alumni mentorship

22/02/2023 |

Hear from Bachelor of Arts student, Avina Tarom, who is currently studying a double major in Political Science and International Relations and Management, with a minor in Creative Writing.

"Starting University can be an unfamiliar and at times overwhelming experience. While we are incredibly fortunate to have access to so many different career pathways, clubs and activities, it also means that it can be difficult to find your footing and sense of direction. 

Along this journey, the guidance of someone who has already gone through the process and genuinely wishes to support you, is priceless; this being said from experience. 

Not only has being mentored by a UWA alumna allowed me an opportunity to anchor myself but it has exposed me to new ways of thinking and given me a chance to meet many insightful individuals, who I may not have met otherwise.

Routinely meeting every 4-6 weeks (though not confined to this), my mentor and I discuss my progression through University, aspirations, challenges and approaches to achieving my goals. In these discussions, through her own experience and network, my mentor recommends new methods in handling challenges and often times introduces me to individuals who have experienced similar situations or inspiring people who have formed their own path despite adversity. I most commonly walk away with a broadened perspective and new attitude.

There are so many ways to ‘do uni’ and a mentor is not there to hold your hand and tell you precisely what your next steps are. Only you can decide what your path looks like. They are instead there to share the knowledge and experience they have gathered through many years and are a reminder and embodiment of the fact that you are not alone on this journey. They are also a constant reminder that there is “life after graduation” and that it is worth keeping an eye out for opportunities within and outside of UWA.

Thank you to my incredible mentor; an inspiration to myself and hopefully to you."

If you’re interested in becoming an alumni mentor for a current Bachelor of Arts student, your experience and guidance will be invaluable.

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